Saturday, November 5, 2016

Get Back to Being Me

Its time to get back to being me!
I have always made a point to set the best example for Adriana as I can. Every minute of every day I have these two little blue eyes on me, watching my every move.
Every outfit, she wants.
Every hair style, she wants.
Every accessory, she wants.
Every. Damn. Thing. She wants.
Don't get me wrong - I completely melted earlier this year when she said "I want to be just like you, Mommy, when I grow up!" How could I not stop and pat myself on the back for that? I have obviously done something right all these years for her to say this out loud to me. No bribing required - it was genuine and I will take it.
It took me off guard because she had never said anything like that before. Also, just like most parents, you always have this slight (or large) insecurity about whether you're "doing it right". Well....there is NO right way! Everyone just wants to raise an actually caring, loving, well mannered child - then when it happens...BAM! It pulls at the heartstrings.
Am I the only one who is riding the emotional rollercoaster of Parenthood? I am really good at going with the flow but sometimes, Adriana knocks my socks off with her kind gestures or smartass one liners. Oh those one liners....get me every time!
In light of these memories, I must share (a little late!) Adriana's Halloween costume. She originally wanted to be a yellow Power Ranger. Well that wasn't happening since shes the most common size for costumes now. So off I went on a hunt to search of her Halloween costume. I found it stuck in the baby section (obviously misplaced) and as soon as I saw it, I knew that's it.
I introduce to you - my little Wonder Woman!
This is her Super Hero pose!

She was ecstatic to be a super hero. She was even more excited when I explained there was no "boy version" of Wonder woman. (Batman - Bat girl) After her day at school in her costume she was happy to see that no one else had the same one! We trick-or-treated just around our house. She confidently walked up to the doors and rang the doorbell. She loved seeing all the other kids out in their costumes as well. Late night to bed after checking out her stash of goodies but worth every minute to see Adriana in her glory!