Monday, February 24, 2014

Top 10: Comments or Questions You Get When You're Pregnant

I was reminiscing about when I was pregnant and how wonderful it was....when I didn't have someone making absurd comments or inappropriate questions. If you've been pregnant (or currently) you know what I'm talking about. Perhaps, at times, those individuals didn't realize WHAT they were saying or asking. Maybe it was the WAY they said it? Regardless, we have all been there. I have compiled a list of my favourite ones. Some you may be able to relate to and others may be a one off.

1. "You look like you're ready to POP!".....when you're only just starting your third trimester. These people really do mean well, although they don't show it by this comment. Its basically on the list of Tradition Things to Say to a Pregnant Woman.

2. "You and your husband must be so excited" Umm....don't jump to conclusions people - 2014 and not everyone gets married before having kids. I can't tell you how many times people would be surprised when I said boyfriend. Which usually lead to "Is he the father?" People kill me.

3. "Was it planned or an....err...oops?" This question really makes me laugh. I mean it happens to some people but most people do plan for these things. I can predict when this one is coming too.....its usually after they say #2.

4. "What about your dog?" People, just because there's a baby coming home doesn't mean we have to get rid of our pets. We got this question A LOT because of Tyson - people just couldn't understand how a 7yr old Rottweiler could ever learn to be around a baby. We spent a lot of time getting him used to the baby things and smell. We never every pushed him away! Basically his routine didn't change with us - that's how we did it. Read more about How to Introduce Your Dog to the Baby

5. "You are eating for two now" this is just a ridiculous one that we ALL hear! Its usually from Captain Obvious who also points out that you're belly is getting bigger. Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't stuff your face with a giant greasy cheese burger. I did it several times! Of course its important to take your vitamins and eat your fruits and veggies - but if you want a cheeseburger...then eat a cheeseburger. Not because you're pregnant but because you WANT TO.

6. ANY comment about breastfeeding. Most people look at this as a "normal" thing to bring up - negative. This is no one's concern but the Mommy and Daddy. I had it asked a lot, of course I wanted to try to breastfeed Adriana but it doesn't always work out. No biggie. Apparently my relax attitude boggled people.

7. "How much weight have you gained?" This is simple no ones business but the Mommy and the Doctor. If she wishes to share then fine but never ever ever ask a pregnant woman how much weight she's gained. Try rephrasing the question "Is your baby growing?" or something along those lines.

8. "Pregnant Crazy" ok so this might actually be a real thing but you don't comment on it  unless your are able to back it up with very detailed facts....or you're my sister (thanks Kim!). Otherwise, shut it. We already know we're a little (lol) nuts but we don't need anyone to point it out anymore than we know. It happens to the best of us - some longer than others.

9. "Do you want a boy or a girl?" Seriously people, all a Mommy wants is a healthy baby and depending on how far along she is...she wants that healthy baby OUT! Otherwise there's not really a preference on whether it s a boy or girl.

10. "You must be having Twins....Triples....etc" How could you possibly know that unless you're my doctor. Since you're not.....shut it. I was told a hundred times that I was going to have twins because I am a twin (that is possible! but no) Given these comments were made in humour and at the very beginning of my pregnancy so it wasn't as bad. I found it very funny actually since I specifically as the ultrasound technician to check all the way over to my side and my doctor to feel for one sac. No twins. I win.

Share your crazy questions and comments below
How did you react?
Were they family, friend, coworker or stranger?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Kids in the Kitchen - 10 recipe ideas

Adriana has always had interest in the kitchen. When she was younger, I would slide her highchair into the kitchen with me while I made lunch and dinner every day. I would hand her a wooden spoon to keep her occupied while I cooked away. She loved it! I'm sure how much she actually paid attention to what I was doing but who cares - she spent time in the kitchen.

Now that shes older her interest to be in the kitchen with us is even more than before. Of course within reason, but we do let her help. Shes great at stirring the pasta and sauce, she even scopes the butter for the Macaroni and Cheese! We also enjoy making pudding and cookies. The best part - Adriana is only 2 years old.

Most parents shoo their kids away from the kitchen because of the hot stove, the oven, sharp tools, etc. Instead, why not try to teach them HOW to be in the kitchen. From the get go we explained the oven is hot; don't touch. Several times, we pick her up to see whats going on top of the stove. Shes curious because we never hid her from seeing us in the kitchen. She was always welcome to stick around and help but with caution. She knows what she can and cant do while there and her help is encouraging. Eventually when shes a little old - she will be making lunch or grabbing her own snacks. Can't wait!

Adriana has her own play kitchen in her room too. It has all the same things as Mommy's and Daddy's kitchen, including metal pots and pans. She loves making "breakfast" or "dinner" for us and we love pretending to eat it with her! She is even smart enough to serve it on a plate - always - and with a cup of tea! The pretend play is great for her to learn how things work. Must cook things on the stove and warm up things in the microwave. She even sets up the table with cutlery! Bless her heart

Adriana has peaked my interest to get her in the real kitchen more. So I did some research and found some great recipes that your little ones can get involved in the kitchen more often with

1. Homemade Pizza - Use Greek pita bread, pizza sauce and toppings. Each child can make their own pizza however they want!

2. Hot dog roll ups - use Crescent rolls, cheese and hot dog halves.

3. Smoothies - add all kinds of their favourite fruits, 1 cup of ice and blend. You may choose to use yogurt or fruit juice as well. Caution: blender may be a bit loud so try to  do it slowly so they don't get scared!

4. Meatballs - kids love getting their hands "dirty" and these are a great way to get them involved!

5. Rice Crispie Squares - what kid doesn't love this delicious treat?

6. Nachos - cook up some ground beef, add cheese, peppers, and serve with salsa.

7. Sliced Chicken Penne - slice up boneless/skinless chicken and fry, add cooked pasta and sauce.

8. Banana rolls - roll up a banana in a peanut butter covered wrap and slice.

9. Deviled Eggs - seems simple enough!

10. Cookies - the good ol' classic ones!

Don't shy your kid away from being in the kitchen. Instead teach them how to work in that area. When they're a little older - you'll be thankful for showing them their way around. It teaches them to be independent for themselves and thoughtful towards others. The more you hold back the less likely they will do things for themselves when the time comes. Teach them young and within reason. I don't expect Adriana to cook up a pot roast or anything but she can help with the more simple meals. She has an interest in the kitchen - we just add fuel to that and teach her how to be safe in the kitchen. Little by little she learns how to work the necessary things.

We are lucky to have an independent little girl. Don't hold them back from learning, even if society says they're too young. Eventually they will have to learn about it so teach them when there's interest and you won't have to force it when they're "old enough". Stop holding them back - stop letting them think they "can't" and start showing them HOW. That's what parenting is about - not making it harder on yourself by trying to control every little movement they do. Teach them to be the people you want by leading by example. I continue to talk about Monkey-see, as I say not as I do - how it really works on a child.

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Man's Best Friend

Everyone has heard the saying before. It's nothing knew, but it does hold true feelings tonight. My dog is my best friend - hes our baby boy, a part of the family, and one if a kind. He is Tyson, the rottweiler. 

Those of you who have pets understand exactly what I mean. Even those who dont have pets can understand in some way. We all love someone (or something) as if it was one of our children. We snuggle with it, hold on tight to it. We care for it when it needs caring and take pictures to keep as memories.

A fantastic thing about a pets love is that its very similar to a parents true love. Its completely unconditional, at its truest form, pure. Our pets are one of a kind to us. They show you compassion at just the right times, even when you least expect it.

Tonight I took myself back to when I was pregnant with Adriana. At the time I found his behaviour odd but the next morning it all made sense. Not to say Tyson wasnt a very affectionate dog - sometimes a little TOO affectionate if thats possible - he showed more of a protective comforting attitude. He stayed by my side that entire night, not leaving for anything. With his back slipped just partially under the bed on the floor next to me, he stayed all night long. He was still there the next morning, right by my side, as I realized my water had broke....

Tyson knew it was going to happen. He knew before I had any clue that Adriana was on her way to this crazy world. He comforted me through my back pain while at home. He laid outside the bathroom door while I soothed my back with a hot shower. He sat next to me while I rocked away the stinging sharp pains that shot up my body. He offered reassurance that everything was going to be alright by just being there.

It was still early, six A.M., the boyfriend was still sleeping and I didnt want to wake him. It quite possibly was his last solid nights sleep for a few months. Plus we had plenty of time before we were going to officially be parents - 24.5hrs to be exact!

Tyson has taught me to be more assertive, more consistent in life. Dont be afraid to stand up for yourself and take what you deserve in this world. He has taught me to be a kid (err...puppy?) at heart no matter how old you get. He reminds me to keep smiling no matter whats going on around us. He was my constant reminder that people can change and learn to adapt at any age.

He has proven that it was never the breed but in fact the owner who makes a dog good or bad. Rottweilers come with some hard opinions from people. Tyson proved them wrong. We took our 7yr old rotti and trained him to be kid friendly. A dog who had never been around kids before, turned out to be the best kind for Adriana.  She sees him in the most perfect and unbiased way. He is our dog, Tyson. Not just another Rottweiler.

He gave us a scare tonight - again. With old age comes medical problems and we have this far very lucky his issues are manageable. A few years ago we sat on the living room floor with him paralyzed in the back legs, truly believing this was our last night with him. The next morning he got up and walked. The last few days he has had a lump on his ear and would whimper if anyone touched it. Again, we believed he would go to the vet for the last time. He came home with a prescription and doctor said it was at the early stages of a hematoma; the pills will help reduce the size and pain. In the clear again, my friend.

Just when you think its his last time, he comes back. This dog is honestly my super dog. Im not sure how else I would explain it to Adriana if he didnt come home. She knows hes old and hes sick but thats about it. Shes only 2 so I dont expext her to know much more!

How would/did you expalin losing a pet to your child?
Did you tell them right away or wait?
How long before you got another pet?
We're you skeptical on getting the exact same type of pet?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Milestones for your Child

Have you ever wondered how your child is developing? After 18mths those doctor visits are spread out even more. Where do you turn to know your child is on the right track? This is where parents start to compare their child to their friend's little one or kids at daycare or even strangers! It can get really ugly after awhile. So tame that inner urge to compare and just do some research. Here are some guidelines I've found that may help you set your mind at ease.

If you truly have concerns about your little ones development, ask you doctor. You should know that although some child excel in development - others take their time. That doesn't mean there's something wrong with your child; it just means they're growing at their own pace. By the time they're in kindergarten, they all learn at the same pace anyways.

To be honest, focus on enjoying your child instead of worrying about where they stand with other children. Your little one will develop just fine - if later down the road you're still concerned then talk to the doctor about having your child tested. I read a great article about certain things a mother wants to teach her daughter (i'm on a hunt for a son list). The writer makes a personal list of things that she plans on teaching her daughter and checks them off as their done. Its in no particular order but made me laugh out loud!

Cloudy, with a Chance of Wine is a hilarious mother writing about her life as a stay at home mom.