Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to take the Pacifier away?

This is the long dreaded question for parents usually after they're toddler hits 2 years old. By this time they have been comfortably gnawing on a plasticy rubber pacifier for some time - whether just at nap and bed time or all day long. Its been your go-to during those tantrums, fevers, colic, etc. just to get them to settle down. Now you're thinking its time to take the next big-kid step of losing the suckie....nummie, paci, sook, baba - whatever you call it. Have no fear fellow parents - I have compiled a list of ideas to do it smoothly!!

Last (long) weekend we made the big step to start taking it away. Adriana was really attached to it, but only at nap and bed time. She was always really good about it otherwise. We knew we had to be clever about it, taking it away cold turkey wasn't going to go lightly with her. We had to out smart a toddler. I know....crazy? Trust me!

A few suggests I found for losing the pacifier was to reward them with a gift in place of it. I didn't like this for Adriana as it was merely just a distraction from the cold turkey method. Adriana has a fantastic memory and although the gift would be ok for a day or two - she would definitely remember it after the hype settled on the new toy.

Another idea I found was to send it off to the "Pacifier Fairies" who would bring it to a new baby who needs it. This is a sweet idea especially if there's another baby on the way! However, Adriana would simply call herself the baby and keep it for herself. Pacifier Fairy - fail.

So what was I left to do?
Snip it.

Yes - that's right. I snipped the tip of the pacifier just a little at first and a little more the next day. Eventually, Adriana didn't want it anymore and I was able to throw them all in the garbage! The first night she pulled it back out and knew something changed but took it anyways. The second night she repeatedly kept telling the boyfriend it was broken and to fix it, but went to sleep anyways. The next night she asked to hold it and the same the following night.

On Tuesday, the boyfriend worked late so Mommy didn't even offer the pacifier to her....and she didn't ask for it. I simply put her to bed with her blankie and that was it. The next night was the same thing - that's when I through them all in the garbage! She had been going to daycare and napping without one as well. Adriana is almost 28mths old now and has no pacifier anymore :)

Operation Goodbye Suckie.....SUCCESS!!

How do you plan to take the pacifier away when its time?
What age do you think it ideal for removing?
Did you use the "Pacifier Fairy" method? How did it work?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter

Adriana is quite possibly the luckiest little girl!! She was spoiled for Easter. She got some clothes, sandals, new coat and matching rubber boots from her Gran and Gradad. Then she got a Dora the Explorer life jacket, which is amazing!! Now we have to plan a few weekends to go up to the cottage with her. Adriana was lucky enough to get something not every kid gets. She had some birthday money left over and Easter money - with the help of Mommy and Daddy - she picked out her very first power wheel! A red Mini Cooper convertible...great taste ;)

 cruising down the street!

We celebrated with some family time and a wonderful dinner. Traditionally we would have "jigs dinner" but went completely different this year with a huge spiral ham, gourmet scalloped potatoes, asparagus,  grilled mushrooms and 2 salads. Everything was delicious!!

Easter for me growing up was about family time and of course chocolate. Adriana is entirely interested in chocolate (whos child is this?!...I love chocolate) but she did spend lots of time with family. She is the most happiest little girl when shes around those who love her - even when she hadnt had a nap all day!

This long weekend also marked the start of Operation Goodbye Suckie for us. So far its not too bad considering how attached she was. No tantrums...although its not entirely gone. We snipped the tip so she (hopefully) wont have the desire for it anymore. She is at the "I want to just hold it" stage. I constantly check on her; suckie is in her hand or beside her. Far from her mouth. Success? I think we still need some time but its working so far!

Next up....potty training!!

What activities did you plan for your little ones?
Do you give gifts or just chocolate?
What great gift did the Easter Bunny bring your children?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring is in The Air

I really hope its here to stay - Spring like weather has sprung among us!! Time for walks, trips to the park, riding bike, feeding ducks, rubber boots and umbrellas.  I've already started some of those things in hopes the good weather will join me. Better late than never!

We have pulled out Adriana's bike (she got it for her birthday) and let her ride it around the house for a bit. She needs to work on her leg muscles now to get it moving. She understands how but its not easy. I'm sure by the end of the summer she'll be flying down the street in her 3-wheeled pink tricycle. Watch out!

She has already asked for her wagon. We need to clean it off first and then definitely go on some trips to town, the park, the ducks, etc. with her. She loves going for rides in it - she doesn't have to pull the thing! It will be great too for her friend to come along too. I hope he doesn't mind riding in a pink wagon! I can't wait to get her outside every weekend to the river for a picnic or just up to town for a snack.

We spend enough time inside during the winter, so when the weather is nice, I love getting outside doing things! First on the list....we need to clean up the backyard from the wick storms we had in December. I want to get her a small pool for those hot days - which reminds me....she needs a new bathing suit this year! I`d like to get a lounge chair to cuddle up for a nap or read a good book. Time to utilize the backyard more this year than the last. Cheers to more BBQs, patio lunches and fires :)

I have already started planning some fun activities for Adriana. We plan to take her to the zoo, waterpark, Bread & Honey, Waterfront, etc. Shes going to have so much fun! Now that shes older and able to walk more - we can do more things with her. She also hasn`t been in her stroller in a long long time. She really enjoys being independent - which includes walking by herself (only holding hands when we cross the road) or carrying her own bag. I don`t have to ask her most of the time.

What activities do you have planned for you little ones?