Sunday, February 24, 2013

Changes, Taxes, Work, etc

This was quite a weekend for me! Wow. Where do I start....
It started with finally getting everything to file my taxes; a time when most are sickly nervous until the final results. I, on the other hand, look forward to it!! All year long, I make sure to take advantage of the tax breaks our government offers. I have to admit that I was sure I would get a refund - but the question was how much? I did my best with what little money we had during my Mat leave. I've said it before, I never wanted to say that I did nothing while off work - I went to school! Of course I reaped the rewards of claiming a dependent (Adriana), plus school and I did work for a few weeks before the deadline. Needless to say - Adriana and I will officially be going to Newfoundland this summer!!

While waiting for my taxes to be done, I decided to keep myself occupied. By getting a hair cut. Its been awhile and it was totally necessary! I really just wanted a trim but of course that never happens. I gave strict instructions that if he cut my hair short he would have to deal with my 6'4" boyfriend. Not a pretty site. I'm not going to was nerve racking watching him poke around with his scissors. A little off here, a little off there. In the end it was something like 6-8" gone and now I am bald. Okay, I'm not bald but it feels like it! I haven't had my hair this short since....since grade 4 I think!! I will admit it feels better, feels lighter than before. Still undecided on whether I completely like it.

We have settled on a day care for Adriana. Its exciting and necessary for her. It's close to our house, its a very clean place and the lady is really nice. She will be with another boy who is 17mths old for most of the day - there are twins for half a day but go to school for the rest. I think this will be good for her! She's a sociable baby and I think a different environment is good for her. She will be in good hands - I think. It will definitely be a change for us. I mean, one of us was always with her for the past year; if not both! She will learn so much. This day care will also allow us to still keep that family time I keep talking about. I still refuse to work more in order to survive. Family time is more important to me than any amount of money....

Adriana has learned a new thing - she is absolutely fascinated by prop bombs. Its simply where you give props but it explodes lol This seriously made her day on Saturday. She is so into that she goes around the room to each person, holding out her fist so they can make the prop bomb. She even tried to do it to her 6mth old cousin, Audrey!! Too freaking funny. I swear this little girl is the best thing that ever happened to us. Recently, I was reminded of when I was young and had similar characteristics as Adriana. I made people want to have babies - just like Adriana does. I read the email and I was surprised that I actually remember the day. I have to admit that every time I read these emails, I tear up. Not because I'm sad - I miss the sender. I wish they could be a part of Adriana, more than just through emails. We have plans to visit but not until the next summer. This year is East coast, next year will be West coast. I look forward to that time!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Family Day Weekend

This weekend is a fairly new holiday - only been around for a few years now - and its a long weekend that should be celebrated to the fullest. Family means a few different things to people. Whether your family is far away and close friends are the temporary fill as "family - or you are lucky enough to have your family just down the street from you! Either way, its a time to forget work, forget anything bad and celebrate by spending time with family.

This weekend is already off to a great start with Adriana having a sleepover at my parents house. She has the freedom to roam anywhere on the main and lower level of the house (upstairs is gated from her craziness). Since my bf did some side work Friday night until almost 6am - I decided to head to the mall with Adriana first thing Saturday morning. This would give him enough quietness to sleep some and we can have our bonding time. For the first time, I let Adriana out of the stroller to walk around the mall. With the help of my sister, Aunt Jill, keeping a hand on her while she explored. She was making friends left right and center! In the bathroom, the food court, the stores....whenever she saw people. "HI" with a big smile and a wave - melted some peoples heart. She met a little blond haired boy too who was just 15mths old. She talked away to him - something to do with the buttons on his jacket - and all he wanted to do was hold her hand. Smart cookie she is.....she was having none of that lol It was too darn cute though! She wasn't even afraid of the Mommy when she came over too. Its just a bit scary knowing shes so friendly to people....she would go with pretty much anyone. After a few hours of running through the mall, looking at new shoes for Adriana and buying some snacks at the Bulk Barn, we decided to go home to Daddy. Four hours at the mall seem to be enough - sore feet and a tired Mommy.
Shortly after a good nap for Adriana, we got things ready and headed to my parents house for a sleepover. Every now and then they like to have her stay over. Its good for Adriana, the grandparents and of course Mommy and Daddy! While she was going crazy at their house, we were headed to watch the hockey game and get some food. I always stress the importance of having alone time together - at least once a month without baby. Its nice to know we have the luxury of getting away for a night and Adriana is properly cared for. We had a few drinks, some nachos and the boyfriend had a burger - it was nice. We watched some hockey and then the Dunk Contest was on. Pretty sure I still don't get why people like it....I think basketball is very boring. Yet we went home and finished watching it.....
...Wine helped.

This morning the boyfriend and I went for a nice breaky over at our favourite place - Bobby's and Eggs Benedict gets me every time. You have to get there before 1030am because that's when Church lets out and the line is out the door! We made it just in time :) After sharing a nice breakfast, we headed to see Adriana. Of course she was taking a nap, but woke up not long after we got there. I was actually surprised she was clinging to me. Normally, she's all over her Daddy! I missed her. I love that little girl so much and I love seeing how happy she is. My mom said "she was a good girl" - of course she was....she always is! She knows what she's allowed to do and what she's not. She doesn't normally throw tantrums but will cry a bit if she can't have something. It never lasts long at all - quickly diverts her attention to something else. We never played into her whining so she doesn't do that much at all. I just watch her from a few feet away and if she touches something she's not supposed to, we just tell her not to touch it. If she continues, we will take her hand and send her away. Yes, this actually works for us....for now! lol In the back of my mind, I truly believe she is just saving all these rebellious acts for when shes older. Therefore, we are screwed!!!

We are continuing our Family Day weekend with visiting her Nana down the street for dinner. Hopefully, her cousins, Aunt and Uncle are there too. I also hope she doesn't eat cat food again.......relax it was just one piece and she didn't even like it! She has some freedom there to roam pretty much the entire main floor. Tomorrow will be just a relaxing day. Perhaps a trip to visit her friend Hunter can happen :) They love hanging out with each other. Both active babies, who love toys and loud noises. I can't wait to catch up with Mrs. Erin!! xoxo

What are you doing for Family Day?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

February - Daycare, Doctors, and Daddy

I have to admit that I am a bit nervous in regards to this whole Daycare thing. It was eventually going to have to happen since my boyfriend goes back to work in about 2mths and I'm working full time. I just hope its not too hard to find a place that I actually like! I came across a few that I think would be a good fit for us: same neighbourhood, friendly, clean, reasonable rates, flexible. So many questions are boggling my mind....
What happens if we go to visit and its nothing what we expected?!
What if I can't find one in time?
What if there is a problem?
What if I can't handle leaving her with someone else?

Ideally, we would like her to be slowly adjusted to being left with a stranger. If we looked for a start date of March 1 and do a part time thing - a few days a week - working up to the full 5days, then I think it will be easier on Adriana...and us!
My mom did in home daycare when we were smaller and I remember some of the kids still to this day. Of course, with anything there were good kids and there were bad kids. What if Adriana picks up habits from the bad kids? ugghhh....I guess its a risk you take when you put your child in daycare. Adriana is not a child to be bullied - she doesn't let the boys push her around! I know she's a tough cookie but then again...what if SHEs the bad kid?! oh geez....this is all too much for me.

For the past few weeks I really haven't been feeling well. Literally dragging my butt to work and getting through a 9hr day took more effort than childbirth! I would be looking to go to bed at 830...not long after Adriana. I knew something wasn't right when I woke up with a swollen throat. I could barely eat, talk, swallow without it hurting. I managed to get through my day and went straight to the walk in clinic. I was told if it was a throat infection it would take a few days to get the results but it seems to be a swollen thyroid - great! The next day was even worse so I called my doctors to see if I could get in. Of course, she happened to be off that day! So I found myself sitting in the emergency room instead. After 6hrs, 2 doctors, and an xray, I was told the Thyroid testing isn't an emergency room procedure and I would have to see my family doctor.
I made an appointment for the next day to see my doctor and was sent for bloodwork and an ultrasound. A few days later, I was told I had to see the doctor and made an appointment. I knew something was wrong but wasn't sure what. I did some reading about the thyroid after pregnancy and I was thrown off since it mostly happens within a few months of giving birth - Its been over a year for me! So I went to the doctor and funny enough...I have whats called Thyroiditist (both hyper and hypo- thyroidism) A lot of what was happening to me made more sense now. I literally shed in clumps in the shower :( pale skin, tired, muscle soreness, etc. By no means am I doctor but I knew there was something going on.
It's actually quite common to have a thyroid problem after a baby. Your hormones are all over the place, trying to resume to a new normal, and that can take a toll on your body. I have definitely noticed the change in me. I tear up more when a sad thing happens; seriously I ball my eyes out at the most stupid situations! I even had to take a break watching Teen Mom 2 because I would get upset lol Pathetic I know....
Anyways - I have been referred to a thyroid specialist and will have to go for more bloodwork in a few weeks to retest. They are hoping it will return to normal by then and its just from my body adjusting after the baby. Oh and to top it all anemia is back with a bang! Apparently a normal woman should be at a level 9 for iron levels - I am at 4. Great. Awesome. Wonderful. Blah. It doesn't seem to be my consumption but rather the absorption of iron. So increase my Vitamin C intake and a bit more of iron. No big deal since I've been here before. The only time my anemia was under control was when I was pregnant! hhmmm.........

My boyfriend has been home all winter with Adriana. Lucky guy. Although, he has had to deal with some things he was not used to. Early rises, nap times, lunch times, walks, more diaper changes, baby poop (gross he says!), teething, baths, etc. Its a lot of work and the poor guy was soo tired from it all by the time I got home. It wasn't just me trying to adjust back to working but him having to adjust to caring for the himself. I must say, he's done a great job! I mean that little girl just loves her daddy beyond anything!! She has expanded her eating, vocabulary, ability, strengths, etc. She is definitely on a learn curve (up course!) and I give praise to my boyfriend for it. He reads to her and talks to her while playing in her room. Most men would run away at the smell of poop - or call their Mother in Law to come change it (I'm looking at you Dad) but my boyfriend has sucked it up. I mean it will not be the first poop or the last one either!
My boyfriend even helps around the house when he can...dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc. which is really nice. I mean its an attempt to clean, not a spic and span kinda clean but I'm thankful anyways! At least a good attempt is there. More than what other men can say I'm sure. HighFive babe! You did good! Only a few more weeks and you'll be back to work where you babysit grown men instead lol kidding...sorta.

I look forward to the next challenges and surprises that come with having a child and starting a family. Its been exciting thus far and I hope to continue the excitement for a long time..... I love you baby girl!! xoxo

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Monday, February 4, 2013

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