Friday, August 31, 2012

Ideas for Decorating a Baby's Room - Gel Stickers

Need some ideas for decorating your little bundle of joy's room? Or are you looking to revamp an already done nursery? Whatever your reason is for your decorating project, here is a great idea that brings life to any baby's room!

Gel Stickers are easy to apply, easy to remove, and easy to move around however you like! These self-adhesive stickers are made with a non-toxic material called Thermo Plastic Rubber. These gel stickers can be easily applied to windows, mirrors, glass, tiles, etc. Just simply clean the surface with a non-residue cleaner (Windex Original or Green Works are great!) and apply the gel stickers however you like. Don't worry if you don't like the arrangement at can move them around as many times as you'd like!

Want to get into the festive season? Consider themed gel stickers for your windows! The Christmas lights in the window will illuminate these great designs from every angle. To get your gel stickers, take a look at Jel Jewels which have over 1500 gel sticker ideas! Holidays, boy, girls, themes, etc. You can also browse through for their collection of gel stickers at discount prices!

I just put some in Adriana's window yesterday! She loved them!! Every morning, when I go in to get her, I always open her curtains and now she can see the colourful flowers and butterflies every day :) Although, the window is dirty on the still looks amazing!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Adriana's Growing Up so Quickly

Adriana is 7 and a half months old now. She's talking, crawling, standing, trying to walk, laughing, singing, learning to wave, and of course she dances!! The amount of times she makes me smile and so proud she`s mine every day is just....indescribable. I love her. Best. Thing. Ever!

Here are some recent pictures of her doing her thing :)

 Adriana's close up Picture - chubby cheeks and all!!
Crawling around at Gran's house - probably looking for Miko!
 One of my favourite pictures of Adriana - those CHEEKS!
 Adriana standing on Gran's lap
 My baby girl and I standing in the dining room - its a no pants kinda day for her!
 Adriana and Daddy sleeping in the big bed together <3
Adriana on the floor at Nana's house - chasing after the cats!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I am Thankful For....

I am thankful for many things. At times, I sit back and think how I managed to have the things I have. I may not have been the kindest person to others sometimes, or the most faithful to God but I never forgot what I have. As I sit back to reflect, tears sting my eyes. Not tears of pain or tears of guilty. Instead, these are tears of gratefulness, tears of joy, tears of appreciation. I stare at my daughter who lovingly shakes her head to the melody of voices around her. She's so good. As a parent, you wish for a healthy baby; a smart and healthy baby. What about the little things. What about a calm, patient, happy, funny baby.... We never know what to expect as new parents. We usually are told to go with the flow of things. Let your baby explore, let them learn on their own. We constantly remind ourselves (even prepare ourselves) to have enough patience to cover a lifetime! We save all our energy for a newborn in case he/she is colicky, in case he/she isn't a good sleeper, in case they have separation anxiety. What if your baby turns out to be really good? Like REALLY good... On this Sunday night, I am thankful for my daughters patience with ME. I'm thankful for her extremely good behaviour, for her spunky attitude, for her unique character...already! I'm thankful for her making me realize there's more to being a mom than what books have told me. She's entertains me with her goofiness, her infectious baby laughter, her beautiful blue eyes, her chubby cheek smile. I am thankful for her. ...for sleeping through the night after 2weeks ...for eating whatever I give her ...for letting mommy sleep in every morning ...for doing well with strangers, the doctor, the dentist, etc. ...for being so smart ...for being beautiful ...for loving me back What are you thankful for? How have being a mom changed you as a person? How do you kids/babies brighten your day?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to get that Baby weight off - Fast!

Has it been months (even years) since you've had your little one, and you still hide your post baby body behind big t-shirts and loose pants? Great! You're just the person I need to be reading this. My baby girl was born in January and throughout my entire pregnancy I would look at my favourite Victoria Secret model, Miranda Kerr as inspiration! This lady, had a baby boy, breast fed and was back working within 3 months doing a photo shoot! I thought this was crazy - no matter how good of a personal trainer someone has - this is fantastic! I was determined to do the same lol I know crazy right...but seriously!

I made a more realistic goal of 6mths to drop 50lbs of baby weight. I was going to stick to this goal no matter what it took. I started looking up more chicken meal ideas, even vegetarian! I planned to walk every day for at least an hour with Adriana too.

My results..........I hit my goal weight in less than 6months! I actually did it by 4months - with a little help of course. This was a journey I started out very slowly since I just had the baby and was recovering. I knew I wasn't going to jump back in my string bikini any time soon! So my secret...was actually a wrap.

A friend of mine introduced me to this wrap and I kinda didn't believe her lol Great friend I am eh! It wasn't that I thought I was being scammed - I just wasn't sure it was going to work for me. So without any commitment I bought a wrap from her and tried it at home. By myself - no witnesses but I did take pictures! I followed the instructions just like she told me. It was weird at first because I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't know if I would feel anything or just how it smells even! I tried to keep myself occupied by doing my online Exam that was due that night. I figured the exam time is scheduled for 1hr, I probably wouldn't need that much time but it would help most of it pass by quickly!
I left the wrap on for 55mins and made sure I followed all the proper steps: remove and discard wrap, rub in cream leftover, and continue drinking water. I remember standing in front of the mirror for 15mins turning side to side, trying to figure out if I really lost anything lol so pessimistic sometimes! I took pictures and started to compare to my before pictures. Back and forth, back and forth. I SEE IT!! I zeroed in on my belly button, which was all stretched from being pregnant (I also have it pierced so the stretching was very noticeable!). I saw a difference but I didn't measure before so I wasn't sure how much I actually loss! I decided that since it's suppose to continue to work I could measure now and then again after 3days.

I ended up losing 1.5inches total in just one wrap. I wasn't even concerned about the loss - I wanted it for the tightening of my skin! I felt so actually worked - holy cow. I was beside myself...I sent my friend the pictures and asked her to compare. She asked for a wrap for herself!! A few weeks later I ended up doing it again with her. She did the same thing I did - sent me the pictures to compare because she wasn't sure if she was seeing things!

If you want to know more about these wraps and how to get them, you can check out this blog or go directly to the website and shop around! You can also leave your questions/ comments below or email me them instead. I can't wait to hear all your goals, results, etc!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Brand New Niece - August 22, 2012

Random post that I just HAD to share with you all!!!! I have been waiting for over 9months now and very first NIECE arrived this morning bright and early!!

She was due on August 14th but arrived on August 22 at 3:46am instead. She weighed in at 7lbs 8oz and about 21inches long. Officially: Audrey Marie - Congratulations to Jay and Laura on your new addition to the family. Six years ago you welcomed your handsome boy and now you welcome a beautiful girl!

 Audrey Marie almost 12hrs old
So calm in Daddy's arms

 Yikes! Bath time...
 Proud Daddy to a baby girl - finally!
 What Uncles do best! :P
My bf, Adriana and Baby Audrey - She was just fascinated by her new cousin!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How Does a Baby Learn to Dance?

When your baby learns to stand (while holding on to something or by themselves), they usually learn to dance to the music they hear. Do you want your little one to bust a move in the crib, playpen, living room - wherever - more often? More to my post on The Effects of Music on Babies and Toddlers, your baby will start bopping to the sweet melodies they here when they're ready! Usually babies will mimic what they see and when they're encouraged to do it. The average age for learning to dance is between about 9 - 14mths; same as learning to stand.

Adriana is 7mths old and we just have to say "Dance Dance" and she does! She's also been listening to music from the day she was born and I've been no stranger to dancing around the apartment with her in my arms or watching from her crib or playpen!  She loves watching me bust new moves - glad someone can appreciate my dance skills besides myself! lol She started after several weeks of bopping in her playpen. We listen, sing, dance to music every day. There isn't a particular type of music that gets her dancing - just happy music! Anything playing on the radio really - sometimes I just have to say dance and I encourage her to dance too. She's already learning that if I make a big deal about it, she does it more and when I don't, she stops or does it less often. This is a good thing for her whiny days - I just don't entertain it and she stops!

She's so happy to dance for anyone who will watch her! She dances in her playpen, high chair, car seat, stroller or even just standing at the coffee table! This has been going on for just a few days but I love it!! Share your Dancing Baby story or video in the comments below or email me here!

What music does your baby move to?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to School Shopping - for Baby!

It's nearing the end of August...ugh that means summer is almost over!! On the plus side, it also means back to school shopping. I took advantage of the sales this week for Adriana and bought her some fall clothes :) Just because she's not nearly old enough for school, doesn't mean I can't take advantage of the sales!! C'mon fellow Mommies....think frugal! Christmas is coming and as your baby grows he/she will need more clothes before the end of the year! Why wait until the last minute to get deals on clothes, toys, etc. when they basically have the same sale for Back to School shoppers?

I didn't hesitant to hit the mall yesterday. I bought some long pants, long sleeve shirts, cardigans, and even tried to find her some good solid running shoes! Unfortunately, I failed miserably at the shoe part...who knew trying to find size 3 shoes would be so difficult? I even went a little further and got Adriana a new toy - took a peek at what else to buy her for Christmas too! She loves her barnyard animals :)

The Frugal Mommy that I am - I headed straight for Walmart. Adriana has enough dresses to last her until she's 2 years old (seriously). So I knew I would be looking for pants and long sleeve shirts. Each piece was $4-$8ec! Four long sleeved shirts (my fave says "Daddy's Little Angel"), 3 pairs of long pants, a pink cardigan, and her barnyard animal toy - equals $50. Not too shabby.

This will be Adriana's first Christmas and I want it to be special - like mine have always been! I will not buy her anymore toys or clothes until then, of course unless she needs new clothes since she grows so quickly! I will start buying and putting away to wrap for Christmas now and then I won't have to deal with rushing to the malls during the hustle and bustle Christmas shoppers. They were not very nice when I was pregnant last year - I highly doubt they will be any different this year with a baby in a stroller. You can never be too prepared for Christmas!

Happy Friday, Happy Shopping, Happy Weekend!!

What are your plans for the weekend?
Do you have Back to School shopping to do?
Are you starting your Christmas shopping early or saving it for the last minute?
Leave your comments below or email me here!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Mom Anger - How to Deal with Everything

New Mom Anger (NMA) or Postpartum Stress Syndrome - an acute state of feeling overwhelmed.

Easily angered or frustrated, high blood pressure, increased heart rate....does this sound like you? Are you a new mom? You could be suffering from Postpartum Stress Syndrome or NMA as I call it! I did some research and this is actually real. It's often mistaken for postpartum depression but has less symptoms. It's simply an anger issue. Sometimes being a new mom comes with many new changes. You're mind and body respond to those changes by signs of stress. There are a few things you can do to deal with stress of being a new mommy. Here are some suggestions:

  1. First and foremost, get out of the darn house! Being cooped up inside all day would make anyone angry! Get out for a walk, go to the mall, to the park, corner store, anywhere. It doesn't have to be long either...20mins, half hour, whatever you're comfortable with. This little bit of exercise can do wonders for your emotions as well as your body! I literally walked my butt off and lost 30lbs in just a few months. I enjoy walking and Adriana enjoys people watching and new environments. 
  2.  Plan your day or week with little tasks. Don't overwhelm yourself anymore than you already are by setting the bar too high for yourself after the baby comes. Try goals like taking a shower every day (or two) while the baby sleeps, or finishing at least one load of laundry a day. This may seem like a crazy task but with a newborn there's plenty of sleepers, bibs, blankets, etc that need washing. You will eventually get into a good routine with just one or two tasks a day, then build up more as you have the time. 
  3. Have a Mommy + Baby date. Every few days I meet up with my friend Erin and her baby boy. This is our time to talk as moms and the babies love it! We go for walks, to the mall, frequent trips to Shoppers Drug Mart or just to Tim Hortons! Whatever it is, its much needed for us to keep sane most days. Most communities have MomGroups or Stroller Parties you can join as well. 
  4.  Lower the bar. Remember that you don't need to be a PERFECT mom! You can definitely be a good mom without going crazy, but give yourself time to work that out. Set you standards to where you can make the best of the day without stressing too much over the little things. If you don't vacuum every day - who cares or if you don't do the dishes right after a meal. No one is going to scowl you for it! Focus on the important things - Baby and yourself.
  5. Get some ZZzz - When baby sleeps, you sleep. This is the best thing for your recovery after the baby is born and even for several months after. It will also help keep you well rested and your mood up when you are awake. Once you get into a routine, eventually you will not need to have those naps and just go to bed at a decent hour at night! As your newborn sleeps more throughout the night, so can you. It does get better but you have to give it time. Some babies take a few weeks to get on a routine - others months. Patience is a virtue. 
  6. Date Night. Plan a night (maybe Friday or Saturday) where its just you and your spouse. You can make reservations for dinner or just grab a movie together - without baby by your side. This will allow you to bond with your spouse and your baby can get used to other family members, or a trusted friend. Date night doesn't have to be every week either. If you're not comfortable leaving your baby that often then try for once a month then. Plan it in advance so you have a baby sitter, money, etc. Try a new restaurant, see a new movie or buy tickets to a theater show! Whatever you choose to do, make the best of it by relaxing. You can check in with whoever is baby sitting by a quick text or phone call - but don't check in every hr! You need time away and so does baby. This is the test for when baby goes off to daycare or school even....Can you handle it then?

Being a new mom is a challenge. There's no sugar-coating here. I have a wonderful baby but I do have my moments of anger and have to remind myself she's just a baby. I will step away to another room, breathe, and come back to deal with the situation. Example: she's been fussy all morning. Woke up at 9am, bottle, changed diaper, and I jumped in the shower. Within 4.5hrs she had 3 full 9oz bottles and now she's I also have to deal with our 7.5yr old grumpy dog! Which doesn't help because he seems to peak at the same moments Adriana is fussy and I'm frustrated. Breathe In. Breathe Out. And GO!

Do you get overwhelmed?
How do you deal with stress?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hello Canon T3i

 Adriana - my little cutie!
 Mommy tickling Adriana in her playpen :)
 Such a tough face - she gets it from her daddy :P
 Just a tad we get a real one?!
 ...almost there
 My favourite picture!!! This shows her character so much - love you monkey!!
 So innocent with those big blue eyes.... <3
 We can't forget about the dog! Hello Tyson.
Such a handsome dog! Love you to pieces Big Guy!!

We recently picked up the Canon T3i bundle. Amazing!! We've had our hearts set on this camera for some time and waited for it to go on sale - the best we saw was $50off! We're so glad we finally got it as now we can take more pictures of Adriana and family :) Once we figure out how to use it - it has a LOT of features - I'm sure we will enjoy it even more. Can't wait for holidays and such....I want to capture moments forever. Pictures are an amazing way to document life....

How do you capture your life's moments?
Do you only keep digital copies or print pictures as well?
Have you started a baby photo album (online or printed)?
Leave your comments below or email me here!

The Clueless Vegeterian Cookbook - Suggestive Read

I have preached and preached about Meatless Mondays - what was for dinner last night? - and now to help you along with starting that journey a little more easily, I have a suggested read.
I came across this cookbook while browsing around Chapters with Adriana - we love the book store! It's called The Clueless Vegetarian Cookbook. I was fascinated by it so picking it up, I flip to the back cover which reads:

So you're a vegetarian. Or you're thinking about becoming a vegetarian. Or maybe you live with a vegetarian. Or maybe you just have to feed one occasionally.

The Clueless Vegetarian is designed for vegetarians who love good food, cooked from scratch, but also want to have a life. If you've just switched to a vegetarian diet, The Clueless Vegetarian gives you the straightforward nutritional information you need to help you make good food choices (without obsessing). If you're a practicing vegetarian looking for some good old fashioned cooking, then this is your guide. There are lots of hints for concocting vegetarian versions of your favorite old recipes, and suggestions on preparing meals for the mixed household. You'll even find survival tips and cooking advice that's just plain useful for everyone, vegetarian or not.
Incredibly thorough and with lots of humor, The Clueless Vegetarian leads the new-vegetarian through a whole new kitchen experience. Every recipe is coded so that you can easily identify whose a lacto-ovo vegetarian, who's a lacto-vegetarian, who's a vegan, an ovo-vegetarian or an occasional vegetarian, it's all laid out simply and straightforwardly, with no surprises.
 I flipped through some of the pages and it looks really interesting and easy to follow! I went home and did some more research - read reviews basically. The reviews came back awesome! Surprisingly, this more-than-affordable cookbook has no pictures but the recipes are traditional ones you've probably been making at home over the years - sans meat. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Effects of Music on Babies and Toddlers

Adriana went for her 7mth check up today and the doctor said something really interesting to me. She commented on how alert she was to her voice and objects - then asked if she listens to a lot of music. This peaked my curiosity because I do make a habit of putting on the radio and dancing around while cleaning up. She also bops to it sometimes too! When I was pregnant, I listened to a lot of music too. While walking home from work, cleaning, cooking, whenever! and OF COURSE I would dance around lol
When I got home, I started to do some reading on music and the effects it has on babies. I was amazed at what I found! Seriously....something as simple as putting on some pop music increases a babies development. The research shows that anything from lullabies to classical to pop or soft rock can sooth a baby to sleep and/or boost their moods. Music has the same effect on adults too! Research on premature babies showed a significant improvement in development post labour. Read more about it here.

Starting as early as when you`re pregnant can have enormous effects on your baby! Since listening to music soothes and can boost your mood (depending on the type of music you listen to) these effects are passed to baby as well. It will calm them, maybe even put them to sleep with your swaying dance moves! These same effects continue as your newborn develops into a toddler. The first few months helps develop their hearing/listening skills. Research shows it also improves speech in babies. They find it easier to associate words with melodies and therefore increasing chances of learning to produce those same words by themselves. Read more about it here.
Has your baby first year come and gone? No need to fret! Music does even more wonders for Toddlers :) The same mood boosters continue, as well as the increase vocabulary. Memory boosters are introduced through music during their toddler years. Toddlers will start remembering tunes, or shows that play music (love the Disney Junior channel!) Through music, toddlers can learn shapes, colours, body parts and letters.  The best thing I came across about the effects of music and toddlers - it makes them more cooperative! Create a "Clean up song" that teaches your toddler to start putting away the toys when the song is played. I remember seeing this on The Big Comfy Couch too years ago! Read more about it here.

Do you play music for your baby?
What type of music do you listen/sing/dance with your baby?
Do you let your toddler watch music videos or just shows with music?
Share your story in the comments below or email me here!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Words of Wisdom and Strength

If you've started your rainy Saturday with cleaning and organizing like might need some encouraging words to help you survive the rest of your day!

Here are just a few of my favourites:

What ever happened earlier in the day, week, or month...let it go and move on. You can't control everything so don't let everything control you.

Share your words of wisdom or favourite sayings in the comments below or email me here.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jalapeno Havarti Stuff Chicken Recipe

I`m so excited to share this recipe with everyone!! So there I was playing around in the kitchen trying to figure out what to have for dinner once again. I don`t plan my meals ahead of time but I make sure to buy the groceries for several dinners throughout the week. I always have simple ingredients that I`m able to throw easy meals together. Lets face it....between taking care of Adriana, Tyson (our dog), and cleaning the apartment - dinner is always the last thing on my mind! Here`s a great recipe that has some kick to it (add as much kick as you`d like!)

Grocery List:
2 - BL/SL Chicken breast
1tsp - Paprika
1pkg - Jalapeno Havarti cheese (sliced)
salt and pepper to taste

Preheat over to 375F. Using a filet knife, cut the chicken in half but not all the way through - open chicken flat on a cutting board. Spread 2 layers of Saran wrap over chicken and pound flat. I used an ice cream scoop! Remove saran wrap and toss in garbage. Sprinkle paprika over chicken - add as much as you want for a kick or choose chili powder if you really want some heat. Add sliced Havarti to one side of each chicken breast. Fold chicken over cheese and hold in place with toothpicks. Add salt and pepper to taste and place chicken in a small baking dish. Cover with foil and place in over for 30mins.

This went really well with Garlic Butter and Lemon noodles from Knorr Sidekicks! Cut up a baguette and you have a fantastic (quick) dinner! You can mix up the spice as well. Instead of Jalapeno Havarti, try Monterey Jack cheese. You can even cut up jalapenos and add to cream cheese as a spread in the chicken instead. So many ideas....

Try this recipe for dinner! Make it your own even and share your story in the comments below or email them to me here.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Baby Budget - Are you ready?

You are overwhelmed with the joy because you have just found out that you're pregnant! Congratulations. This is a very exciting time especially if its your first baby. After telling all your friends and family, the reality starts to set in a little further. Most moms-to-be start to worry about if they are ready for this. Are they fit to be a mother, are they prepared....financially?!
Being prepared before you get pregnant is definitely an advantage but realistically that doesn't happen! It's okay - you have about 9months to prepare for the little one. That may not seem like a lot of time but you can achieve many things in a short time. I knew we would be alright financially, my boyfriend has a good job and we planned the baby at the right time :)

Adriana was only a few months old before we opened an RESP (registered education savings program) for her. She also has her own savings account in which we deposit money into every month and then transfer that into her RESP every few months. Best Thing You Can Do For Your Baby!

It can be a little daunting trying to figure out what you will need for the baby or even how much! Every baby is different so of course your expenses will be different from others. You can estimate your baby budget by using the Baby Cost Calculator. There may be somethings you didn't think of in there and some things you might just have to guess at for now! It will at least give you an idea of how much it will cost in your first year. It will also give you some things that you'll have to look further into as well - like day care, disposable or cloth diapers, breast feeding or formula, etc - these factors can sway your budget so be sure to weigh out your options for each. Perhaps get Dad-to-be to sit down with you and do this together. He may have some different ideas or suggestions than you.

Make sure to take into account your NEW income when budgeting. In Canada, we are entitled to 55% of your total net income. Most parents forget about this and end up pushing themselves further into debt! Avoid this common mistake and just be prepared. I am not shy to proclaim my love for "Til Debt do Us Part" TV show. Gail is blunt and all about progress! Many times that I've watched the show it was about new parents who are sinking in debt with a newborn. Read her article on preparing for a baby here.

Many new moms stay home for that first year and return to their jobs in order to bring in more money. Some times this is necessary with the increasing costs of food, childcare, gas, insurance, etc. It makes sense for most families. What if you want to stay home? Have you done your research to figure out if you can afford it? Perhaps you've looked at alternate ways to make an income from home. What ever you have decided - make sure you're ready for it. Again, I refer to Gail's article on being prepared to stay home with baby. She brings up some great points that I didn't think about!

Being prepared is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family. If it's in the cards for you to stay at home and still be financially secure then take advantage of it! I am working towards being able to stay home with Adriana - working from home. Otherwise, I will need to make more than $2000/mth in order to just cover daycare and food costs. If I am able to stay home, we eliminate the cost of daycare (saving over $1200/mth) which to me makes more sense. However, my boyfriend works in construction (seasonal) so the winter months can be difficult and now that we have a baby it will be harder. Remember to take your time and consider all factors before deciding. Talk to other moms, or friends, etc about different ideas that will work for you. You never know what sort of connections or ideas people have!

Have you started your baby budget?
Are you planning on returning to work or staying home?
Have you started an Education Fund for baby?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Do you have Baby Fever?

Baby Fever: When a girl starts feeling a strong desire to have a baby, possibly to the point of obsession. (UrbanDictionary)

Does this sound like you? No worries! You are just one of many women who feel this way. Sometimes you can't even help it - with all the babies in your life from family to friends to celerities! Its natural to feel the strong desire to want a baby. They're kinda cute, cuddly, entertaining....but so are puppies.
Recently, I came across a forum all about baby fever. The initiator felt very strongly about having a baby. She talked about the pros and cons about having a baby - making some good points a long the way. Her and her husband had been married for a few years but wanted to make sure they were in a comfortable, financially stable, life before creating a little one. She has that longing to hold a newborn baby, the smell, the soft skin....she had been struggling with the urge to toss her birth control and run to the bedroom with her husband for a week straight! lol
On the other side of things, if they decide to have a baby now they will have to adjust some things. For one, they live in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment and would have to move to something bigger - which means more money for rent or a mortgage. Secondly, she would lose approximately half her pay while on maternity leave. In Canada, we get up to a full year of paid Mat Leave but in the States the only get a few months. I'm very lucky to live in Canada or we would have waited to!
She also pointed out that they would lose their freedom. Her and her hubby wouldn't be able to go out for dinner any time they wanted or to party, etc. They would be limited to once a month, depending on whether they could find a babysitter. She seemed not ready to give that up just yet. Many people choose to focus on their career rather than family. Its a huge debate that I've read in many articles from Todays Parent to Macleans.

Now lets look at the other side of this. A baby can be the most rewarding for Mommy and Daddy! The feeling of getting pregnant, creating life and sharing that journey with your spouse is just amazing. Whether you have a great pregnancy or a difficult one - its your journey together. I was very fortunate to have an easy pregnancy so of course I would consider another baby in the near future. However, those who have struggled throughout their pregnancy may reconsider another one. Although it was easy for me, the birth was not. It was long - 24.5hrs long - and very painful (all back labour) Read my birth story here!
Regardless of this, I cannot explain the joy I've had being home with my baby girl. The first few months were great because it was my boyfriend and I doing it together. This allowed for a great and fast recovery since I could get my sleep in during the day when I needed it. It really did make a difference to plan ahead. We both agreed that having the baby in the winter would make things easier for us. My boyfriend could really have some time with her, learn to take care of her since this was his first and I could have those extra hands around the house to help with the dog, cleaning and of course baby. Take advantage of this if you can. It really does change the newborn experience.

I'm sure there are other pros and cons to a baby and I could sit here all day arguing them to point! Its a personal choice to have a baby and you never want to do it alone. Just be sure to chose a time thats right for both of you and plan ahead of time - you have 9mths to figure things out! Dont just talk about the delivery either. Talk about after that - to baptize or not? day care or stay home? split baby duties - who does what? Perhaps go as far as to talk about preschool, private school, or public. You need to plan ahead - its the only way to really enjoy your journey through motherhood. Its never to early (or late) to start an education fund either! The Canadian government has grants regardless of how much you contribute to a child(ren)'s  RESP! I also went as far to get Adriana a bank account as well. She will learn to manage money - something most parents don't bother to teach their children until their teens - or later!

When do you plan on having a child (or children)?
Have you chosen your career instead of a family? Share you reasons in the comments below!
If you're pregnant, have you discussed things beyond the delivery?