Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall is Officially Here

October is just around the corner this coming week! This is exciting for me because its my birthday. It is not a milestone year but another year indeed. I look forward to my birthday regardless of how many years it is - age really is just a number. I feel much younger most days! My birthday is a clear indication that the Fall Season is here.

The weather gets a little bit cooler, the days get shorter, Pumpkin Spice Lattes (haha!), sweaters and boots are out in full force. Fall is a beautiful season - probably my favourite. We have 3 huge beautiful trees in our backyard that I absolutely love to watch shed their leaves. When you're walking up our street these trees stick out just above the houses - just beautiful. I will definitely post pictures soon because most of the trees are starting to change already!

Adriana and I have started to leave the stroller at home again! She is really enjoying the walking everywhere thing and I want to encourage her to do it. She may go through phases so I will let it ride while its still going! Adriana loves being able to sit in the regular seats and not confined to her stroller. Big girl growing up!! We are fortunate to have a child who listens most of the time and understands the concept of the bus system. She is a people person so its actually entertaining on the bus with her. She tries to say "Hello Everybody" but it comes out as "Hello Buddy" Lol kills me every time.

This week is fairly low key - with the small exception of working on Adriana's Halloween costume! I am very excited to get started on my first ever homemade costume. Sorry folks but I won't be sharing what it will be until closer to Halloween! I promise to take lots of pics for those of you who wouldn't mind attempting it. I can't wait!! I promise its going to be worth the wait. It is not a typical girl costume :)

I promised myself last year that I wasn't going to wait until the last minute to start Christmas shopping. Yes I'm already putting the C-word out and its not even Halloween yet. C'mon give me some credit that I'm being proactive! I have a good storage area and will take advantage of buying a little at a time until the big day comes. Then I will only have to worry about wrapping and filling Adriana's stocking when December comes! Go me.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Swimming Lesson and Pigtails

Last Sunday was Adriana's very first official swimming lesson. She's been swimming for some time but I figured it was a good idea to make it official. She's been doing amazing!! Seriously, she totally gets everything that we're doing in the class and today we were dunking babies. She still has to get used to going under water - with her mouth closed. She doesn't mind it but tends to keep her mouth open! Pool water = gross. She has been able to blow bubbles (her favourite!), kick, float on her back, jump off the side and go down the slide by herself. She absolutely loves going down the slide!! On Wednesday, I took her fun swimming and that's all she wanted to do for over 10mins straight. It was good practice considering there were only 6 other people in the pool. It was fun letting her swim around by herself - next time I will get her in a life jacket so she can be more independent. Can't wait!!

I know what you're thinking....melts my friggin heart!! This was my surprise when I picked her up from daycare this week. I have tried everything to get Adriana's hair under control without her ripping it out. Apparently, using the reason "surprise for mommy and daddy" works wonders! She let daycare put her hair in pigtails and kept them in all day. I honestly had a smile plastered to my face ALL THE WAY HOME! Even before I left we were taking pictures of her because I didn't think she would make it home with them - she did. She was proud to show me her new hair do too. Love her to bits and pieces! Definitely going to try this hair do again myself. I hope it stays for at least half the day!

 Adriana was so tired but I was able to convince her to take a pic with me in her new elephant pajamas. I love her willingness to please me even when she's tired!
 Adriana taking a walk in the rain with Mommy and Daddy on Saturday afternoon. She's not afraid to get a little wet! She absolutely loves my umbrella and most people are surprise she knows what it is! The best part of a rainy day is the way her curls become more prominent around her head. Its amazing!
I saved the BEST for last! Not sorry for the baby nude - seriously it was too cute not to take a pictures. Adriana loves to colour so I found her some bath crayons so she can colour more often now. She was writing all over the tub and all over the walls - I wasn't even mad! These things simply wipe off with a cloth. Also noticed that most of her drawing was with her left hand.....possibly like her Daddy and Grandad? Can't wait! Also, I'm not sure if I love her rolls or the amount of dimples all over her bum?!

We had our random Doctor visit this week for a simple check up. Adriana stands at 90cm tall, putting her in the 98th percentile and weights 29lbs, putting her in the 91st percentile. She's definitely going to be like her Daddy - beautiful and tall! Her learning ability is advanced according to the doctor and shes more than healthy. Nothing to worry about, Mommy! She had been slowing down with her eating and I wanted to make sure she wasn't losing weight......definitely not the case. It was 2 months ago that we last visited the doctor for her 18mth check up. Growing girl she is!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Potty Training for Beginners

Adriana is at that age where she is very curious about the toilet. Not like "lets see how much toilet paper I can stuff in here" kinda way! She actually wants to use it. Up until a few weeks ago, she was the only kid at daycare who isn't potty trained (or being potty trained) and so she's been included in these trips to the bathroom. Her fascination has come home with her too. If I say "Mommy will be right back, I have to pee" she will take my hand and walk me to the bathroom. Since we have the same mechanics I let her stay in the bathroom with me. I talk her through things and then ask if she has to go as well. Of course she does. I strip her down so she doesn't get pee on her clothes and sit her on the toilet. Amazingly enough she goes!

Of course, a few times she tries but nothing happens. This is the reason we are not forcing it. We have bought her a seat (not a potty since she loves the toilet and its always convenient for her). The seat just sits on top the regular toilet seat but is smaller to hold up her little bummy. It's great to throw in a bag for visits at the grandparents house too! It was $12.88 at Walmart and of course covered in Disney Princesses. We let Adriana pick out her own seat. There was no intention of buying one just yet. We were actually looking for diapers and she pointed it out! Maybe a little later we can get her a potty :)

Our routine is simple right now until she can really tell me when she has to go. At daycare I know she tries a few times during the day - I will have to ask more questions about that. At home, we stick to after her shower. She has dinner, then her bath/shower and after we pat her dry we stick her on the toilet. Every night for a solid week she has gone 6 or the 7 times. Not bad.

We don't feel the need to push her into being potty trained. I was trained in one day and the boyfriend didn't need any training!! So with some good genes, I think she'll be okay for a little while. It is still fairly early to potty train - considering she still has a night time bottle.

Some ready signs to look for in your toddler are:
  • "dry" periods that last 2hrs (or nap time)
  • coordination to walk or even run
  • ability to pull their pants up or down
  • shows interest in other's bathroom habits
  • has words for urine and stool
  • can sit quietly for 2-5mins
  • demonstrates the desire for indepence
  • is in a cooperative stage - not cranky
  • isn't resistant to learning how to use the toilet
  • takes pride in his accomplishments
The average (suggested) age for potty training is 18-24mths, however, some parents chose to wait a bit longer. Note: boys may be ready a little later than girls. This is a big step in a toddler's life, so make sure they are prepared for it. Perhaps start with reading a book on going to the potty or a short movie about potty training. Get your toddler interested in the functions of the bathroom (specifically the toilet). Even if we don't pee, I let Adriana flush the toilet after a wipe. Its routine and she's not afraid of the flushing! She also remembers to put the lid down too.

A suggested method is a "Reward or Star Achievement", where the child gets a sticker when they go potty. I have not (and probably won't) use this method with Adriana. I make sure to give her enough praise when she goes. This includes lots of clapping, smiles, kisses and even hugs if necessary. I want her to realize that going potty is a normal thing - not a game.The stickers would just result in false hope for me that she's actually potty trained. We simply use praise!!

We are only in the beginning stages of potty training and by no means are we pushing it. She will do it when shes ready as long as she's prepared with the knowledge of How-to. I think we are on a great track with her and plan to keep doing it. My hope is by Christmas she will be full fledged potty trained. That may seem like a long time away - but it's really not!

And if all else fails, we can always just buy one of these.....

Share your potty stories with me! Comment below of email at
When was your toddler ready?
What tricks did you use?
How long did it take?
What would you change about that method?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mommy Support

Sometimes a Mommy needs to know that she is not alone. She needs to feel like she has somewhere to turn to - or someone. Not everyone has their Mom or Dad to turn to. So where do you go? The times have changed and more people are turning to the internet. There's no shame in that!

I hope you find this post useful Fellow Mommies/Daddies!!

 This picture is truer than true. On those bad days, you might focus on the negative things like the number of diaper changes or the amount of spit up you have had to clean. You quickly forget those moments when you see your child smile, laugh, talk, etc....whatever it is - it keeps you going. You forget about those long nights of several feeds on only a few short hours of sleep. I kept my focus by repeatedly telling myself that this wasn't a forever thing. I made a point to get through all those feedings and get back to sleeping (oh! how important sleep is as a new mommy) Although I had the luxury of my boyfriend helping for the first 3 months, I was literally on my own from that point to when she was almost 11months old. His early mornings and late nights of work made it hard to see her but he was always there to put her into bed at night. Always.

It speaks for itself! I mean what other place would you rather be besides with your family? You may not get along with everyone all the time but when you need to feel accepted, relaxed, at "home", you turn to your family. Its a place that no matter what happens - They love you. I promised myself that I would always create the same open door and loving home that my parents created for me. They won't DO things for you but they will definitely help you get where you need to be. It was never easy living there but I wanted to grow up faster than my mom would let me! I will not hold Adriana back from something she wants to do although, just like any normal child, she will have boundaries. I believe in living to learn - its a harsh reality but sometimes its the best way to learn. I could tell her not to do something but if she really wants to do it, then there isn't much I can say.

This is a classic and definitely my favourite book every to read. Before Adriana was even born, the boyfriend and I made a point to get her some classic books to get her started. Every year we add to the collection of classics and make them accessible to her for reading whenever she wants. This particular book is a little higher up - its paperback - but every so often, I will take it down and read it to her. Just a few days ago, I was reading it and made it to the second last page before I broke out in tears. That's a new record!

I had a good chuckle when I read this! Always remember that those Mommies and Daddies who seem to be doing everything perfectly: well, they're not. They have bad days just like every other parent out there. Those are the moments of weakness and they don't share that with the public. Every parent wants other parents to think they are just the Super Mommy and/or Daddy of the Year! C'mon lets be realistic here; its just not possible. There are no ways to be PERFECT parent but there are a million ways to be a GOOD parent!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September is Here

I hate to burst everyone's bubble but September is here. You know what that means. Back to school for the kiddies of course but it also means Fall is just around the corner!! After such a wickedly hot and humid summer I'm actually looking forward to Fall. The crisp air, the leaves, my birthday (oops!) lol So I threw that one in there because its happening in exactly 1month today. Yikes! Of course I am probably one of the only people I know that still get excited for their birthday. Not because its this huge extravagant party celebrations filled with booze, dancing, gifts, etc. (i wish!) No, I get excited because I'm one of few friends that haven't hit the big 3-0 yet (sorry - not sorry). I don't mind celebrating my age! I have come a long way from the big celebratory ages of 19th and 21st birthdays - those days are gone but boy did I make them worth it! Now I'm a Mommy who just simply enjoys celebrating her birthday with her daughter, boyfriend and dog. I don't need anything crazy: just a card, some wine and company. Its nice when people just remember when its your birthday!

I know its been a little longer than normal since I wrote something. I'm sorry! Life gets busy, you know how it is. I am actually in a bit of transition period. With no work and a much harder time that I thought finding a new job again - I have looked at the option for returning to school on a full time basis. I will continue to take my online program but need to make a change bigger than just part time courses. I still have some things to smooth out before its official. Very excited about this actually!!

Little Miss Adriana is still in daycare and loves it! She has learned to say the other kids names and loves singing songs. She's getting so big too! I've been working on a cute little Fall wardrobe for her. Just need rain boots, umbrella and perhaps a pair of jeans. Can't wait for some great Fall pictures!!
Speaking of pictures: we had our family pictures done again. It's amazing how much we've changed in one year. I actually had the same pose of Adriana taken and compared them - wow!!

 Adriana went on her first camel ride! MuslimFest was happening so we went to walk around. When she saw the camel she actually called it a horse! But wasn't afraid at all to get on it for a ride. She was nervous of the height - thats why I held on to her the whole time!!
Helping Mommy make some Jello Chocolate Pudding. She was really good at stirring the mix but she didn't care to lick the spoon. Crazy!!

We have some great things coming up for our family. Some big changes, some great news to share, and some new goals to make. Although this is a scary time for us, it is really going to change things for the long term. I am a firm believer in keeping faith, especially when times are hard, and remembering to keep focused on the end results. It's never too late to make the necessary changes for your family - for yourself!