My Story


I was born in St. John's, NFLD. Only lived there a short time before moving to Toronto. Grew up in North York for most my life. My parents bought a house in Mississauga, ON - new city, new school, new friends, new everything.
I had a lot of admirers but only a few boyfriends. Even in high school. I mostly hung out with guys who were a year older - Family friends of friends kinda thing. Thought I was pretty cool. I never cared for homework but enjoyed most of my teachers. I was an average schooler even though I never really applied myself. I took a year off after high school and worked two jobs to save money for college. Which I probably should have been saving for while IN high school. Regardless. I worked my butt off and saved as much as I could working 7days a week 8-9hrs a day.
I went to Humber College for Business Marketing. Hated it. Left. Worked full time for a few months, then got my own 2bdrm apartment. A few years later met my then boyfriend. Partied. Moved in with him at his mom's house - brother, wife, nephew, mom, boyfriend, me and Tyson - all in one house. Yikes.
A few years later, we moved into our own apartment in a great location. Ended up getting a good job in Brampton. Moved to Brampton. Found out we were pregnant. Had the baby. Moved to Streetsville.

Adriana was born January 5th, 2012 @ 6:28am. After being in labour for 24-1/2hrs, I was relieved she was finally here! She was due January 4th - the day my waters broke! She's been amazing to have. She was holding her head after a few hours. She was sleeping through the night (6-8hrs) after 10days. She was talking at 2months. Standing holding on at 2-1/2months. Rolling at 3months. Crawling by 6months. Standing by herself at 8months. Walking by 10months.
She loved her sippy cup more than her bottle. She ate whatever I put in her mouth. Loves her grandparents. Loves her aunts and uncle. Makes strangers smile. Makes people want to have babies. I love her.
Its never easy being a (now) single parent. I don't wish it on anyone! But I do believe in making yourself happy first. I only ever want to teach my daughter to never sacrifice her happiness for anything or anyone. I made a choice to become a mommy and that was with or without someone by my side. I don't know how life will pan out but I know that I will do everything I can to make myself and Adriana happy. She has 2 parents who love her very much every day. That won't ever change!

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