Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Adriana had a busy weekend again! Saturday was spent with Mommy in the backyard :) Playing with her car, golf clubs and wagon - all pink of course! Fun wagon rides across the backyard....I guess having a big yard does pay off. She was then off with Aunt Jill and Uncle Pat for a bit so Mommy could clean this place as much as possible. She went for some hotdogs and hamburgers at Pat's parents house. Apparently, she was REALLY good....bless her.

My beautiful daughter hanging out in the garden at Uncle Pat's parents house
 Hot dog time with Uncle Pat!!
Had so much fun that I passed out on the way home.....poor little girl!

The fun didn't stop there! Saturday evening we went to visit Nana and her cousin Aiden. Oh she loves her cousin so much.....follows him around like a puppy! They built a tunnel with the couch cushions and ran around the house like crazy unsupervised kids lol Thank goodness Finding Nemo was on TV that night. 

Snuggled up on the couch together watching Finding Nemo - too cute!

She loves her food :)

On Sunday, Father's Day, Adriana and I went into town to let Daddy take a nap. He was up early to tee off at 645am! With a quick stop at Starbucks for a snack and drink, we headed down the street to Tim Horton's. We picked up a couple of timbits and headed back down the street. We took the long way home so we could stop and see the ducks. All the babies and momma's are back!! We will have to go back next weekend to feed them - must bring lots of bread! 
We went to visit my parents - the boyfriend's gift was at their house too. Adriana's having a rough few days with all 4 canines coming in; this morning I saw bloody gums for the first time with her! Poor little girl. She's been suckie (aka cling to Mommy) because of her teeth but still in good spirit. We gave Daddy his gift as soon as we got there - a microwave. It may not seem like such a big deal but we haven't had one in over a year! All he asked for on Father's Day was to golf, order Chinese food and a microwave to heat it up the next day Lol he got all three!
Adriana's "smelling" the flowers - Love her!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Miss Independent Adriana

Do you ever think that maybe your baby really does understand more than you realize? For the past several weeks, I have been paying closer attention to the responsiveness of Adriana. I started to notice she responds more instead of just staring. She will not just nod her head in agreement but say yes – or answer appropriately to the question. If I ask her to look for something she says “Where are you?” If I say “Do you.....” she responds with a shake or nod of the head plus verbally answers.

At first, I thought I was just imagining things; hearing things even! My 17 month old is really responding to my questions? She follows direction well too, which we tested last night in the bath. First off, we were running the water while she finished her desert and she pointed and said “Bath”. Yes that is a bath. Then while in the bath, I let her take the cloth from me. I asked if she was going to wash herself – let’s start with the face. She wiped her face. Next I asked her to wash her chest and she did. We moved all the way down to her toes and I asked her to rinse her hair....and she put the cloth on her head!
I give credit to talking our way through all the baths. For the longest time, we have always said things like “let’s wash your arms” or “don’t forget in between your toes!” I’m guessing she really was paying attention then!

It’s not just in the bath I see signs of comprehending command. After she’s done eating, she has made it a habit to put everything on her plate (like her cup) when she’s finished and hand it to someone. This means she has had enough and would like you to take her plate Lol It saves from her throwing it on the floor – she has yet to do that! Even when playing with toys, she will put them away in the baskets or container. She very rarely leaves a mess! 
 Walking the doggy with Gran around the block
 Mommy and Adriana hanging out in the backyard
 Crazy baby on the loose!
 Running laps around the backyard at Gran's house
 Sitting by the window at Extreme Pita - so pretty!
 Fancy new summer dress :)
Beautiful flowers that Adriana and Nana picked for me. Love them!

Adriana is starting to understand her animals. Of course, she knows the basics: doggy, cat, bird, bunny, etc. She knows lion, cow, chicken, goat, horse too. It’s amazing to me! I ask her what a lion says, she replies with “RAWWWRRR!” She has a fascination with frog as well. She can’t quite make the sound, but she walks like a frog and thinks it is the funniest thing in the world! I love it.
She has been at the “Mine” stage for a month now. Fortunately for us, it’s not getting worse! I don’t give in to it either. If Adriana can’t have something, she can’t have it. Of course, she throws herself on the floor in a tantrum, but I ignore that part and she gets up and brushes herself off. Short and sweet. If it does last longer, then the power of distraction works just fine. Usually with a snack or drink or doggy. If that doesn’t work then she’s just tired! 

I make sure to have the patience (and time) to explain things to Adriana as well. While playing with someone (or some kids) if she’s grabby then I deal with it right then and there. I simply explain that the other person was playing with it and she needs to give it back and play with something else. She seems to understand, which I’m not sure is a distraction technique with another toy or if she really does understand. Regardless, it works!

How do you handle tantrums?
What are ways to teach your child to share?
Tell me about some independent things your child is doing.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Remembering Leah - 1 week Later

I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news. I guess part of me was slowly preparing for the worse but never expected it to happen this soon. Not in a million years. One day we were celebrating Leah's life and the next she was gone. I'm very glad to have been part of it all! She really was a sweet child....

Her funeral was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. There was a huge room filled with people. Not a surprise - she had plenty of support from people who loved her. Row of people sat in the wooden benches, sitting in silence as the minister carried on. At the front of the room there was a small white casket surrounded by a pink light. Several flower arrangements stood next to her, as her parents sat in the front row unleashing their emotions as expected. My boyfriend and I stood at the back of the room and said no words. As parents ourselves, we could not imagine being able to do this. It was utterly the most painful thing to have to go through.

Shortly after some words, Leah's little casket was carried outside to a waiting black car. Beside the vehicle stood 50 pink and purple balloons. As they settled her into the back of the car and closed the door, the balloons were released into the sky. Everyone stood and watched as they floated up towards the clouds. We all watched as one of the balloons popped in the sky and then I felt a rain drop. Then another rain drop and then a few more. It wasn't just little drops either! for just a few minutes it rained and everyone stood under the roof of the funeral home and watched.
"Those are Leah's tears" I hear a lady say. How very true. Leah was watching all the people who came to support her, who came to show their love. She just wanted to give a sign that she was there, although we all knew :)

It is very hard to see or hear a parent having to bury their child. Unfortunately, it happens and we have to learn to move on. Leah will never be forgotten but she is definitely in a better place now. She is not suffering any more, she's a peace with her Grandparents. They say things happen in threes: Grandma, Grandpa and Leah - all passed away from cancer, all three years apart. Perhaps this is a sign of three (equivalent) things to come? I do wish Loni and Steve find peace in Leah's story. They still have Taylor who will live for both Leah and herself!