Sunday, July 28, 2013

Meeting the Great Grandparents

 Adriana meeting her Nan Decker for the first time. This is where we got Adriana's middle name from: Margaret <3
 Adriana meeting Poppy Decker for the first time! Sammy in the background :)

This is Adriana meeting her other Poppy Barron for the first time - its been over 10yrs for me too!

Great Grandparents are sometimes underestimated. Not everyone has the luxury of meeting theirs, whether young or older. I am glad Adriana was able to meet all of her Great Grandparents (with the exception of Nan Barron - rip). She may not get to see them often but once was special enough. She will have the pictures for memories and can cherish them for as long as she likes.

I know they were anxious to meet her and when it finally happened I hope she was everything they thought she was. I know it wasn't easy saying goodbye but we will be back again!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

First Time Flyer to Newfoundland

Adriana finally went on an airplane!! As nervous as I was, that little girl proved to me that she could totally handle it. It was about 3hrs of flying and she sat with me for 2hrs of that. The other hour was going back to visit her Grandad, Ian and Uncle Gary. She walked around the aisle saying Hiya to everyone. One person even stopped her to play Candy Crush!! She was a hit on the plane going there. Of course we got the looks from people (omg a toddler on the plane - sitting beside me - oh no!) Those same people were thanking us for a pleasant trip when it was time to get off. They were just as surprised as I was by her ability to handle flying better than her Mommy!
We were well prepared too. I had Finding Nemo on my phone for her to watch, some new toys, her markers and colouring books, plus some snacks to keep her occupied. The movie helped her a lot to stay seated on the way up and down. We also had a window seat - her Aunt Jill and Uncle Pat were sat beside us so when we did have to get out, it was pretty easy. I really cannot complain about how well she did flying for the first time.

Here are some recommendations I have for other Mommies/Daddies flying with a toddler:
  • Know your kid and be prepared. You know when they need a nap, if they're easily distracted, hungry often, restless, etc. I had to use Gravol on the way back for Adriana because I knew she would need a nap but would be distracted by all the new faces. It worked like a charm and I got in some cuddle time while she slept on me.
  • Movies. They don't always show the best movies for kids. I used my phone and was able to lock the screen so she could hold it herself and not press any buttons. She loved the freedom of holding the phone by herself.
  • Pacifier. Not all kids do well with taking off and landing so be prepared. If they're not willing to snack all the way up/down then hand them a suckie and blankie until you get up in the air or on the ground. This helped keep Adriana calm when we were landing since it was a bouncing ride!
  • Markers and Colouring books. This really helped her sit in one spot! I made sure to bring activities that would keep her calm and when all else fails - showing her pictures of doggies really helped!
  • Be flexible. Remember they are toddlers and are probably not going to sit in a seat for the entire time. Especially with new people around. They may even try your patience but you have to treat it the same way anywhere. Don't let the stares get to you - they don't know you or your life! Smile and keep going :D

We definitely had a great time in Newfoundland!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Eighteen Months and Counting

Adriana went for her 18mth check up this weekend and - of course - she did AMAZING!! This little girl stands at 85cm and weighs 26lbs (i don't trust that scale though.....) She's always been at 95th percentile for pretty much everything. That's not even the best part. Wait for it. Adriana had to get one needle and she did not even cry. Not even once. No whine. Nothing! She did so well, it almost mad Mommy cry!! I love her.

If you're wondering about this picture, well, I had to keep her occupied for over an hour in the waiting room. The doctor's office has maybe 5 kids books and 12583265763243209568547 pamphlets on old age care and disability. She did well during the long wait but it was expected for a Saturday afternoon.

Our fun didn't stop there. For the rest of Saturday we were at my parents house so she could go swimming in her pool. She literally spent the rest of the day in her pool - no nap. I was expecting this cranky, whining, tantrum throwing little girl. I consider myself very very lucky. She was in and out of her pool, taking time to lay down in it too! But nothing melted my heart more than seeing twin boys and Adriana giving them kisses!!

Meet Lucas. He is one of the twin boys that are just 5mths old and I had the great pleasure of finally meeting this weekend!! No relation just family friends from so many years ago that just happened to grow up over night. Loved these two little guys!! Carter, his brother, was so relaxed looking around at everything - including my crazy child running around without a nap. They were mostly looking around at everything!

Sunday was a great house warming get together for my cousins Chris and Kendra! Congrats on your lovely home :) Just need a hot tub in that backyard and some babies in those rooms!! lol <3 <3 <3

Sunday, July 7, 2013

July is Off to a Great Start

So much happening every weekend! I truly love keeping busy with Adriana and the boyfriend :)
Friday was my mom's birthday and also Adriana turned 1.5years old!! We were all excited for my mom to open her gift: a Michael Kor's bracelet! Ya I know, we're the best kids ever. I know. Then we went to the Mandarin for some dinner. Although Adriana wasn't the hungriest person - she did try some new foods! She was more fascinated in her fancy kids cup lol
Saturday was nice - we all slept in and then went for lunch. Adriana and I shared some Greek food and Daddy had some Manchu Wok (his favourite). They boyfriend's Sciatica has been acting up so he went to lay down at home. Aunt Jill and I took Adriana and Tango to the BEACH! It wasn't really a beach but more a park - Jack Darling Park to be exact. We ended up meeting Steph and Grover there too. Two dogs and a toddler, I thought was going to be a nightmare but it was awesome! Both dogs were so good together and with other people around too. Adriana was fascinated by all the new faces and the ability to roam (within a short distance of me) She really never goes far, ever, so I wasn't worried. With my camera in hand, we were able to get some really great shots of Adriana near the walking around, near the water, eating ice cream and walking with doggies.

Saturday continued with a night with Auntie Jill and Step while Mommy and Daddy had a quiet night together. Some good pub food and drinks on a patio, followed by some drinks at home! Late night of hitting dingers on Flick Homerun (if you don't know about this game - download it now!) It doesn't sound like much but quiet quality time together means more than you know.

On Sunday we got to visit the boyfriend's Aunt Susan and Uncle Mark from Alberta. Its been about a year since Uncle Mark got to see Adriana but this was the first time Aunt Susan met her. Adriana was at her cutest of course - she loves meeting new people. After a we said our goodbyes and had a good nap (yes all of us) we went for a trip to Petsmart. We didn't need anything but Adriana loves all the dogs and there is usually plenty on Sundays.

Since Saturday afternoon, Adriana has been saying Gandad (aka Grandad but she can't say R's just yet) so we went back to visit my parents for a few hours. She was so helpful with the laundry, making the beds, etc. Everything was going good until Adriana called me by my first name! Seriously....what the heck do I do now? No I wasn't hearing things either. Clear as day. Oh and not just once but twice. Ya thanks Mom.
On the bright side, Adriana really wanted to sit on the toilet to go pee pee. She told me she wanted to so I stripped her down and held her up on the toilet while we talked about doing her pee pee in the toilet. She didn't do anything but tried and then grabbed some toilet paper to flush down. Surprisingly, she wasn't afraid of the flush! These are all really good signs so I will be buying a potty this week to keep around the house and a seat for travels. This is a big step for everyone and I want it go right. No pressure for anyone! I am one happily excited Mommy :D

On the note of potty training: we don't want to press it because we will be leaving for Newfoundland in less than 3weeks which would just set us back unless she can be fully trained by then. I found some really good tips for hardcore potty training in just 3days. I read several reviews about this method and I am fascinated in trying it out. I might just try it! This would only mean she is potty trained during the day and would continue to wear a diaper or pull up at night. However, that is a big step on its own and I will definitely think about accepting the challenge.

When was your child ready for potty training?
What method worked for you?
Share your story below or email

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Its Official Ladies and Gents

I am proud to announce that Hillside Mommy has an official website now!

As of July 1st, Hillside Mommy has started the launch for an official website. The website is just an extension of this blog and I will continue to post.

Some of the new features through the official website will be a Meditation Corner. I realized that most Mommies (and Daddies) have little to no control on their emotions and that makes for a difficult time with baby. When your feelings are in check, so is baby! This area will have affirmations, recommended books, inspirations, etc. in which will help you learn to keep those emotions in control a bit better. This was something I practiced this while I was pregnant and it has helped really make a smooth process through the stages of parenthood. 

I also will be featuring a child once a month! This will be a quick picture of the child and  questionnaire that is filled out by a parent in the eyes of the child. The points in the questionnaire include milestones achieved by the baby, foods they like/dislike, and favourite toys or activities. This will be a great way to show how babies are really different from each other whether the same age or not!

Lastly, there is more contact information so you may send me your questions, suggestions, ideas, thoughts, points, recommendations....whatever! I list my Twitter name, Instagram ID, Vine account name, and email.

This is not the official launch but merely an invitation for the readers to join me in the next step for Hillside Mommy!