Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Do you feel tired? Over worked? Under appreciated? Alone? Don’t worry, your day is here – Mother’s day! It is one day a year to show your Mommy how much you appreciate them and everything they do. Usually its filed with flowers, cards, chocolates, a good breakfast and perhaps even sleeping in. If all of this or more sounds like the day you’ve had – consider yourself lucky!!

There are some unfortunate Mommies who aren’t as lucky as you and I. Nope. They have had a terrible day and even week leading up to this day. I swear….it’s true. Personally it makes me upset that not every Mommy feels special (even just for today). Could you imagine your significant other telling you that 

“You’re not MY mother, so why should I do something for you?” 

“I made plans with MY mother; you’ll have to figure out something else”

IMAGINE!! I would lose my freaking mind. Lose it.

For all those men out there that really do take the time to appreciate their child(ren)’s Mommy – Thank you. It is a day to show how much you appreciate her for all the things (big or little) she does for the family. For all the times the house “magically” was cleaned when you got home. Or the numerous amounts of times dinner was ready and hot at just the perfect time. How about all the times the child(ren) decided to draw up the walls in crayon while you napped? Yup. You’re welcome.

Mother’s day is for all the Daddies who may not have the time to stop and say thank you (of course they think it all the time!) or for those who do but want to do more for the Mother of their children. It’s hard work being a Mommy – the constant needing from a child with no breaks in sight until bed time. We like to be appreciated every day but today more than anything. Don’t forget to reach out to your wife and give her a hug and kiss. Tell her you love her. Say the actual words “Thank You” (it means so much to hear them!!) and then let her relax for the day.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

(Late) Spring Cleaning Time

This year is off to a late start in regards to a lot of things. We were still getting snow in April for Christ sake! Regardless of how it happened - its now Spring Cleaning Month for my family. I have to start writing out my list instead of keeping it in my head all the time! The backyard is going to be the biggest project, I think. The amount of branches that have fallen from all the winter storms (thanks Mother Nature!) its absolutely disastrous back there. Throw in the size of it and we have our work cut out for us! Once the branches are gone then it will be easier - cut the grass, pick up the rest of the leaves, plant a garden, etc. Its still fairly cool outside which is better than doing all this work in the scorching heat!

I've been on the hunt for the perfect pool for Adriana. I'm still gun-ho on getting more than just a wading pool with 4inches of water but the boyfriend doesn't seen it as beneficial. Clearly we need to make more trips to Wal-Mart together! Adriana loves swimming and has a life jacket so if we did get a bigger one, she would get lots of use out of a bigger pool rather than a smaller one. Plus we could use it more too when its really hot out. A quick dip to cool us off. He fears the dog will put a hole in it.
Nothing crazy - this one is 12'x30" and has a cover you buy separately. This will help keep the leaves and sticks out when we're not using it. I think it will be worth every penny of the $170 price tag (plus cover). I have never had a pool (I've always lived near a public pool or had friends who had one) and I would like to keep encouraging Adriana to swim. She will start swimming lessons again in the Fall!

I cleaned out Adriana's room (2 garbage bags later) and now she has a decent size room again! Next tackle is her closet. I have to fish out what still fits her and what doesn't anymore so we can make room for some new stuff. She already has some shorts and t shirts to get her started. Thanks to her Gran she also has some sandals and water shoes too! Our storage was converted from a small third bedroom and I still don't have enough space to keep everything!! Time to make the trip to the Goodwill then or....hello friends?

I can't wait for the summer!! I have some sweet days planned for Adriana and I this year (and if Daddy can get the days off work too). As long as she has her naps - we're golden. I have a shopping trip planned, zoo trip, movie date, swimming and cottage trip so far. I enjoy traveling with her because shes a people watcher and enjoys being on the go. Typical toddler. I refuse to sit inside all summer, sometimes walking down to the park or feeding the ducks - those are good things for the Spring and Fall but not summer! I may even look into a camping trip....oh do I dare?

Adriana wants to learn how to fish but I'm not sure she has the patience to make it through a round of fishing! She would end up scaring all the fish away. The boyfriend wants to teach her and I say Good Luck to you sir! I love fishing, just never had much time to continue it when life happened. He can teach her while I do my own fishing. Pretty sure it was my dad who taught me how to fish - although I'm not very good at it lol

What plans do you have with your kids this summer?
Do you travel with them on road trips? To where?