Sunday, May 26, 2013

Love For Leah - May 25, 2013

Saturday, May 25, 2013 was a day to celebrate a beautiful little girl's life - Love for Leah. She was diagnosed with throat cancer in October 2012 at the tender age of 5years old. Throughout the months of chemotherapy, Leah had her twin sister by her side. Together they braved this horrible disease one day at time. Leah was a little girl who, other than the scarf on her head she wore, you wouldn't know she was battling cancer. She kept smiling, laughing, and hugging like any other girl. She watched cartoons and loves Princesses!!
After her third round of chemo, Leah's mother, Loni, received the news she dreaded. Leah's cancer had spread. She inevitably was given 4-6weeks to live. Make a Wish Foundation came in and organized a BEAUTIFUL event to celebrate her life. They decorated a beautiful room at a local church with pink and purple cloths, set up tables of food and lots of drinks! There was a candy bar, mini manicures and make up table, face painting and of course MUSIC! On Friday evening, Leah's condition changed and she wasn't able to make her own event but Taylor - her twin sister - was still coming.
Taylor and her mom made a Grand entrance on a gorgeous white horse and carriage!! It was amazing - The Prince officially announced their arrival and escorted them into the church. They had all the Disney Princesses there: Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and even Tinkerbell. There was chicken nuggets, yogurt and water that was donated by McDonald's. Lindt Chocolate donated boxes of chocolates as well.
Adriana had so much fun too! We had some food, danced, and went on our very first horse and carriage ride. She was so excited to see a horse - first time for that too!! What a sweetheart she was - giving kisses to everyone. She even kissed Loni's hand.....just what she needed that day!

It brings with great sadness.......On Sunday, May 26th, 2013 Leah passed away comfortably at home with her sister and mother. She was a very brave little girl who was take at just 6years old. She will forever live through her twin sister Taylor and in the hearts of every single person who knew her or of her. May her soul rest peacefully in heaven with her Grandparents. Leah your life was short but made an impact on many people.

To my fellow Mommies/Daddies, I say hold you kid a little closer and for just a little longer tonight. I have the utmost respect for such a beautifully strong mother like Loni. I made a point to give Adriana more hugs and more kisses today - she is definitely a gift that can never be replaced. The same is for Leah. May you rest in peace.

Please tune into City TV News on Tuesday, May 28th, 2013 at 6pm for Avery Haine`s Inside Story on the Life of Leah.

 If you missed Leah's story - grab some tissue (you are definitely going to need it!) and view the story here: Princess Leah

For any donations please make them to the Children's Wish Foundation.

Monday, May 20, 2013

May 2-4 Weekend Update

Seriously readers....where the heck do I start?! I guess when you have a toddler your weekends go by at lightning speed and POOF its Monday Tuesday again!!
Friday night was a quiet but the boyfriend and I had to get up early to head to the Passport Office. Adriana stayed the night at my parents house so that it was a bit easier waiting in the line up - good idea! We got there about 40mins before it opened and was waiting in a line up that wrapped around the corner and down an alley and back again! It was definitely worth the wait though - took only 30mins once they were open. The boyfriend and I have officially filed for a passport but Little Miss Adriana will have to wait until we get her "Long form birth certificate" --> BOLOGNA! They just made this change yet when printing the forms there was no such note to the specifics of a birth certificate for a baby. Regardless, we will send hers in the mail and just wait the 3 weeks instead. No big deal I guess.

It was a beautiful day to be outside the entire weekend!! The first May 2-4 weekend with great weather in awhile, I think. It usually rains or much colder than the 25degreesC we hit today. Please keep it coming Mother Nature. I also was able to get some colour this weekend. Not proud of my farmer's tan or red shoulders but I do appreciate the lack of raccoon eyes and no sandal lines on my feet!

Sunday we filled up Adriana's pool and tried out her new bathing suit. I've been waiting to get her into it for about 2 weeks now! She looks adorable - don't you think?! Can never go wrong with a halter top onesie Lol

She knows the difference between her bathing suit and her regular clothes too. She was all for letting me get her into her bathing suit but when it was time to put her regular clothes was a different story!

She basically spent the day in her bathing suit and no shoes. *sigh* the life of  a toddler........I'm jealous.

The boyfriend spent about 6hrs (no word of a lie) cutting the grass in the backyard! Poor guy. I offered help while Adriana napped but he was determined to do it by himself. Amazing man I tell you. We sit on about half an acre and most of it is the backyard!! We want to start having backyard fires and bbqs again, so we want to get a head start on the lawn so maybe in a few weeks we can have some people over for drinks, food and a fire. Plus now Adriana can run around out there too! Wait for the invite ;)

Today was even hotter than yesterday! After some food at the mall (it was the only thing open!) I sent my mom a message "Fill up the pool. We're coming over!" and we did just that. A quick stop at home to grab some things and let the dog out, then we were off for some cool down time in the kiddie pool.
 Having some frozen yogurt with Gran - Yum Yum!
 Cooling off in the pool
 Just mowing the lawn with my new Bubble Maker Lawn Mower!!
 Hanging out in my chair just like Grandad - can't sit still though!!
 Makeshift tent out of a blanket and her new slide! She loved it....I will be backyard tenting many times this year!

Adriana had such a blast this weekend!! She was spoiled with love and food like always!!

If you're looking for something to brighten your day, then may I suggest watching this video:
 If this didn't put a smile on your face.........then it must be REALLY bad!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

To all my fellow Mommies (and Mr. Mommies too!) I would love to wish you all a Happy Mother's Day!! Whether you are a new mommy, old mommy, mommy to be, TTC mommy or a fur mommy....Today is your day!! The day where all women are shown appreciation for their daily efforts of keeping things together. We have a big job as Mommies and its nice to have a day we are acknowledged for those efforts. I'm shouting out to all the mommies but must give myself credit too! It's not easy being a first timer for anything.....especially a MOM! The amount of times I questioned myself, whether I was doing it right or not. I have to admit that I had to learn a lot when I became a mom. I had always dealt with babies, toddlers and kids but never newborns. It was as new to me just as any other mommy out there.
Admittedly, I read a lot on online and asked my mom questions. For the most part, it was straight forward but it is always different when its your own. My own little baby.

I feel proud of myself and would like to share that with all my readers! I have officially registered for my next College course :D just a few more and I finish the program!! Notice I didn`t say "I`m Done!".....because I`m not. I patted myself on the back for this today and I will continue to hold my head high until I get where I want to be. Rich, of course! LOL

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Finally.....a Beautiful Spring Day!

YES! Finally a beautiful spring day....that isn't during Monday to Friday!! Adriana and I were able to go for our ritual walk into town while Daddy had a nap. We saw so many dogs - her FAVOURITE! and some really nice people. She's a lucky duck too. We went to Tim Horton's for a drink and of course timbits. I asked her which ones she wanted and she pointed to her favourite, Honey dip. No problem baby girl! Assorted but no jelly filled, it is. We continued to walk across the plaza to Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up some allergy meds for her. Yup - runny nose, coughing, rubbing her eyes....she's got it! We will have to give it to her at night since its a drowsy kind. (not much choice when it comes to the little people). I also picked out a bubble toy for Adriana. She loves bubbles but hasn't been able to play with one just yet - a little too young. However, we got her a Flubble. Which is basically a handheld bubble machine that lights up. Flubble. She loves it!

Adriana got to go in her pool finally too! We had it last year but it was either way too hot for her or raining. So we have moved it to my mom's house where she doesn't have many outside toys. We filled it up with just some hose water and let it sit in the sun to warm up. It didn't take long before she was climbing over the side to get in!! She always loved the bath so we are never worried about swimming. She is truly a fish. The amount of times we said "Adriana....don't drink the water!" She likes to blow bubbles but ends up getting a mouthful at the same time. Bless her heart. She stayed in the pool for at least an hour if not more before her Aunt Jill and Uncle Pat showed up with Tango (their dog).

Yesterday, she had her check up at the doctors. Little missy weighs 25lbs and stands 82cm tall now! Considering she was so sick just a few weeks ago and weighed 23lbs then.....I'm happy with a 2lb gain in 2weeks!! Boy is she ever tall.....82cm sits her at about 32inches. It was also needle time.....for chickenpox this time. Apparently, this is the worst for babies but if that's the case then Adriana is AWESOME!! Of course, she cried.....for like a minute. It really does make things easier when she can handle it so well on her own!

Will update soon with pictures!!