Thursday, January 26, 2017

Vacations: Worth every Penny

For the past one and a half years, I have wanted (needed) to go on a vacation. I wasnt entirely picky at first; I just wanted to get on the plane and go somewhere HOT. I researched everything I could about places I've never seen, starting small of course. I saved my money for months - including Christmas and birthday presents I had to buy for! And in the new year, we booked our first big trip away. We had a budget and already booked the time from work that would make it a bit easier to be away from Adriana. I needed that break. I had such a busy work season from August to end of December, and then again for the pass few weeks. Treat yo self.

Here we are in...The Bahamas!!

So admittedly this is not my first time to the country - however this is the first time visiting this island. I've been to Freeport a few years back for my sister's wedding. We are visiting Nassau this time. Staying on the beautiful Cable Beach at The Breezes Resort and Spa. I have to say...first impressions are everything! I about nearly died from excitement when we got to our room! See above picture (no joke!). We can see Atlantis in the distance and watched a few cruise ships come and go!

After reading the reviews, I had hoped for a high room, odd number and in the west tower - these were supposed to be the best rooms in the hotel beside the Presidential suit. Every room is ocean view, which is amazing. We are on the TOP floor (8th), odd number and in the west tower - Winning!!

From the bus transfer to the view, its been amazing! Jeremiah helped load our suitcases on the bus after guiding us to the bus area from the airport doors. A quick drive down the left side of the road and through a few roundabouts, we arrived at the front of the resort. Its an open concept lobby, which let's the breeze flow through nicely. Checking in was easy least and after we went to check out the menus for the restaurants again.

At the same time, they had a political party staying at the hotel for a few days. They were all polite, friendly (said hi to us all the time) and was never overwhelming in common areas. Plenty of seats, sun loungers, food, drinks, space for everyone.

The beach is my ultimate favourite thing! If a resort doesn't have a good beach...I probably won't go. White sand, clean, lots of sun and shade available. I read its the best beach in all of Nassau. I can understand why now! Its over 1000ft long against the crystal clear water.

Only Day #2 here and we have some adventures planned for the next several days we are here. I miss Adriana because I know how much she loves the beach - and kept asking if she can come back here one day! Most definitely will plan a trip with her - just not here because its Adults only ;)

Time to finish breakfast and head to the beach for the day!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Adriana turns 5yrs old

I have a FIVE year old. Five!

When the heck did five years go by so fast. OK to be honest, I knew this day was coming and I knew at some time I would have this reaction.

It wasnt when she turned one; I loved watching her grow, hit the milestones, etc. It wasnt the year after or the one after that. Instead it hit me when I realized all the teachings from birth to now, all the challenges, all the blessings, long nights, laughs, memories...they all lead up to her turning 5yrs old. What's that saying...

"The years before five last the rest of their lives"

How so very true. So here is to hoping I've instilled some great values, taught her morals, and of course manners, over the years. I hope that she never loses that sassiness. That she stands up for herself, when she doesn't agree with something. I hope she remembers right from wrong. I hope she makes good choices most of the time. And when she doesn't, I hope she learns a lesson for next time.

Dear Adriana,
I hope today was special for you - I try every year to show you the love and support that is around you every day. Family and friends who are part of your life to help you grow and be the best you can be. I love you baby girl - my one and only! You have taught me so much. You remind me to laugh more, imagine the biggest and brightest things, you are stubborn (but I still love it!). After these 5yrs with you, I can't wait for many more!!

Loves you tons and tons Babes!