Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Separation Anxiety in Babies

Does your little one cry when you leave the room or even their eye sight?! Does he or she wake up in the night and only gets soothed by rocking in your arms? Is your baby 7-18months old? If you answered yes to these questions then your precious bundle of joy may be going through Baby Separation Anxiety. Not to fret Mom, this is only temporarily and its a good sign!!

You're probably thinking I've clearly lost it now. But seriously, its a good sign! Separation anxiety happens when your baby is maturing. They have no realized exactly how important Mommy is to them and don't want to "lose" you. Have no fear because like I said - its only temporary - and there are ways to deal with it. Here are some examples:

Keep Your Goodbyes Short
 Prolonging the inevitable is only harder on your little one. A simple good bye, smile, kiss, and you're off works well. If they cry when you walk away - you can look back with a smile and wave to reassure them. I don't suggest going back to them when they cry. This will actually make things worst for you and the babysitter for the moment. They will get over it before you know it. Perhaps it will take a small distraction of a favourite toy or game but it will just fine. Whatever emotions you have - deal with them after you leave. If your baby sees you worrisome then he/she will be the same way. Fake that smile until the door closes!

Body Language>Words
Brings me to this point - act as if its alright to be with the babysitter or caregiver. If Mommy is confident about it, then baby will be better with the idea. Babies really do pick up on signals more than one may think. I personally have seen this with Adriana and I'm pretty good at realizing my emotions/body language/thoughts/whatever and deal with them right away - She is always better after I do. If I'm having a bad day - I have to quickly get over it or deal with a cranky baby for the rest of the day! Once I'm over it, she lightens up and we have a good day!

Sneaking Around
If you think you can pull a fast one on your baby and sneak out before she realizes it....you're dead wrong. Babies are smarter than you think. When your cutie realizes your gone....watch out! He or she may bawl their eyes out but even more so - they lose trust in you as their parent. This will make things harder on you or Daddy when you reunite again. You want your baby to trust you and your judgement so don't let sneaking away ruin it. Say a quick goodbye - kiss - wave and gone.

These are just some suggestions that I have seen work with my own eyes. Everyone is different and every baby is different. Most of the articles on Baby Separation Anxiety talk about creating independence and building character. However, during these moments, its not about independence or character. Its about the maturing individual - your baby. Its a phase that every baby goes through and with a few tricks you, as the parent, can ease the transition to getting over it - fast. Make sure to introduce new (trusting) people into your baby's world. Have a Date night once a month in order to get a break as "Mommy" as well as teach your baby that going with trusted caregivers is okay!

Another great way to ease the transition is to play Peek-a-Boo with your baby as soon as possible - and keep playing it with them. This will teach them the concept of separation and reunion. My boyfriend and I constantly play "where's the baby" with a receiving blanket. We throw the blanket over her head and let her pull it off by herself all the while saying "Adriana? where are you?" until she can see us. She absolutely loves this game and even initiates by holding the blanket to her head then pulling it down and laughing.
We also have never just dropped her off and left. We make a point to take her out of the car seat or stroller and giving her a toy or letting her go to Gran/Grandad or Aunt/Uncle. Usually after about 5-10mins we will say our goodbyes and I make sure to say "See ya later hunny!" I hope this gives her some reassurance that she will indeed See me Later! So far...we've have no problems leaving her with people and I hope it stays this way!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dog and Baby Sharing a Snack

If you've read some of my previous posts, then you know I have a rottweiler named Tyson. I am moved by this video in ways I can't explain. As a 100lbs bully breed dog, he sometimes gets a bad rap. He really is a gentle and loving dog and I wish more people could see what I see on a daily basis. With my daughter at 8-1/2months old, she is slowly learning to share...with the dog! In this video, Tyson is gentle while eating right out of her hand. Adriana even teases him a bit too, yet he still is on his best behaviour. I love my daughter. I love my dog.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adriana and The Mirror

We went to visit my mom the other day and in the foyer she has these mirror doors on the closet. No biggie right. Until Adriana realized she could see herself in them! She's more active but slower at my mom's house because of the hardwood floors. Its hard on her knees sometimes. She normally doesn't make it that far out of sight but I decided to let her go exploring. Oh Boy! did she explore alright. Not only did she corner my mom's poor long-haired Chihuahua by the front door, she put her sticky hands all over the bottom part of the mirror. Did I mention she likes to give kisses in the mirror to herself? This time she added blowing bubbles on the mirror too. What a nice granddaughter eh? lol

Here are some photos from that moment....too cute still

Kisses for Adriana...from Adriana! lol

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fashion Show 2012

Adriana has had the luxury of sporting some very fashionable outfits over the months. As a baby, she wore some Calvin Klein, GAP and Ralph Lauren. Now, at 8 months old, she still wears Ralph Lauren, H&M, Gap, Carters, Osh Kosh, etc. Its all about leopard this fall and she no doubt pulls it up in many different ways!! From soft to hot pinks, reds, black, and grey, she's got it covered.

So I'm pleased to announce...Adriana's Fashion Show 2012!!
 Some new additions to her wardrobe
 First cool day - Fleece hoodie with soft pink leggins :)
 Outfit from Aunt Jill - "Auntie says I'm Super Cute"
 Soft leopard print shirt and pink leggings - favourite outfit!!
Adriana wearing Guess from Aunt Michelle - her Easter present that fits her better now!

More pictures in outfits to come over the next few days. She's going to show off her new shoes...if we can keep them on her long enough! She has a new fall jacket to wear, and lots more dresses with tights to really get in the Fall spirit.
This is my favourite time of the year. The cool weather, fresh air, boots, leggings, sweaters, scarves, skinny jeans, turtlenecks, ahhhh all of it! I even have little booties (which look like Uggs) in pink that will fit her soon too. She's going to look fabulous!!

Send me your baby's/kid's fashion show! I'd love to see all the cool outfits you have for your little one! Comment below to tell me about it or email me pictures.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Monday?

Why do most people hate Mondays? Well.....Today is the hardest day of the week and the furthest day from another weekend. Sorry if I just reminded you! But there are upsides to Mondays. No, seriously, there are!
Mondays give you a fresh start to the week. Its the only day of the week you can let go whatever issues you may have had last week. Its the only day, that despite being the end of the weekend, goes the fastest! Before you know it, you're at home sitting on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book.
I came across a funny article (although completely true!) about why people hate Mondays and how to avoid the drag first thing during the week. Yup - free advice right here people! According to The Age in Australia, scientists have proven that not sleeping in or having a lazy Saturday and Sunday, will inevitably make your Mondays easier. Basically, it sends your body clock all the way into left field - deep left! The study asked that the group go to bed a little later than they normally would on a weekday and sleep in two hours. The results actually found that people's body clock were delayed by 45mins. Craziness. Rethinking sleeping in....NOT.

However you feel about Mondays - its over. Now you can worry about disliking Tuesdays...then the rest of the week doesn't matter!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to Introduce your Dog to a Baby

This is strictly my personal experience. I read many articles online, many books, and offered advice from friends/ family.

If you don't know yet - My boyfriend and I have had a Rottweiler named Tyson. He was 7yrs old by the time our daughter, Adriana was born and had never been around other babies. Ever. So we knew we had to work on this as soon as possible. After we found out I was pregnant, I started researching "How to introduce a dog to a newborn" and anything else that was similar to that. Call me crazy but I actually sat my dog down and gave him the "talk" about a new baby on his/her way. I actually talk to my dog a lot - he's a very loving animal, despite his intimidating breed - he was my baby boy.

I never ever pushed my dog away. In fact, I would encourage him to come lay his head on my belly in hopes the baby would kick him. She never did. I would lay with him for hours in the bed or on the couch, watching TV or reading a book. Every time I bought something for the baby, I would let him sniff it out and explain that it was for the baby. He was able to sniff out almost anything that was going to be hers. Blankets, clothes, diapers, teddy bears...whatever! This allowed Tyson to get used to the smell of the baby without the baby actually being there. We even set up the crib while he watched from the doorway. He sniffed that out too.

I always find this part of the story amazing....On my due date, my waters actually broke and I remember the night before very clearly. Tyson usually sleeps at the foot of the bed on the floor or in the living room. The night before he slept right beside me, on the floor. I actually stepped on him when I went to get up in the morning! He was so close that his head was under my nightstand and some of his back was under the frame of the bed. I thought it was weird because he doesn't usually lay there, but it wasn't until later when we went to the hospital that it all started to make sense. He knew.

When I got out of bed the first time and made my way to the bathroom, he was right outside the door waiting for me. Then I sat in the glider to relieve some back pain. He sat so close he was literally on my foot. I went back to the bathroom to run a shower and he sat on the floor until I was done. Then I went to lay back in bed and he returned to his spot right beside me on the floor. To this day, I am convinced he knew what was happening. He knew the baby was on her way and was trying to comfort me by being by my side the whole time I was at home. If that isn't dog love....then I don't know what is!

After the baby was born, my boyfriend took her original receiving blanket from the hospital and brought it home. He showed it to the dog and laid it on the table for him to sniff it out. Apparently, he did for a few minutes and then went to lay down. This was a good sign that he was used to the smell at least. My boyfriend went back late that night to keep Tyson company - we wanted to make sure he was calm when we brought the baby home. The next day, late morning, we walked through the door with our baby girl in her car seat. Inevitably, Tyson was excited to see me and very curious about this little tiny person wrapped in blankets. My boyfriend held Adriana, who was still strapped in her car seat, while I said hello to my baby boy. Once he had a few minutes of my time, he went straight over to the car seat. Sniffing like crazy, while she slept away. Then he slowly stuck out his tongue and gave her a soft lick on the face. No word of a lie - I had tears in my eyes. I think we were both relieved by his reaction towards her. Not a growl, not a huff, or anything...he loves her.

For the next few days, we were very careful with them together still. I mean, she was a newborn and he's a hundred pound dog! A few times while I held her wrapped in her blankets, Tyson was allowed on the bed while my boyfriend watched him. He was always very curious about her; wanted to be near her with everyone else. At night when she made a noise, he would be right by her crib whimpering because he couldn't see inside, couldn't see her. Very cute. He would give her soft licks on her face or her feet. He was gentle with her. Very different than what everyone thought would happen.

My parents have a long haired chihuahua, named Miko. Like Tyson, he is my mom's baby boy. He was NOT ready for the baby and even to this day has a hard time with her around. He literally runs and hides, especially since she started to crawl around. We try to hold him near her and let her pat him softly but it doesn't work. Miko literally shakes and claws to be away from her. Small dog syndrome?
My sister has a black lab puppy named Tango. She's a hyper dog but does well with Adriana considering she's still learning. Only one problem: Tango likes to lick - a lot. That's all fine and dandy except she does it in her ears. Could potentially be a problem if Adriana gets ear infections. Still, I give her credit for the fact she mostly ignores the baby - too busy running around with her toys, bone, or to get my sister's attention.

Best advice I can give is make sure you allow your pup as much time as possible to warm up to someone new being around. Make sure they can be gentle, have their tail tugged at, ears pulled, and paws touched. These are good starter points. Don't forget to introduce the smell of a baby, use the word "baby" a lot to associate her things.

"That's the Baby's crib"
"The baby is on the way"

Give your pooch some time. Be confident in them. and never, EVER, push them away when they try to get close to the baby. Include them in that time, a little bit at first and more as they deserve. Dogs just want attention and love from the same people as before the little bundle of joy came along. It's different for them - one day its just him and two people and then there's a baby. I was always confident in Tyson. I knew how loving he really is and how he would love her just the same. He very gentle with Adriana and she with him. It's crazy to see them play together - while sitting in her highchair, she'll stick her little hand out with some food on it and Tyson will lick it off. She even goes one step further and tries to play with his tongue! He is not bothered by it at all, he thinks its a game while he tries to lick her fingers. Not once getting frustrated. I love our rottweiler. He will be 8 years old in a few months and although he doesn't have much time left...I hope she really gets to play with him like we really want her to.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Words at 8 months old

Don't you just love when that first word slurs out of your baby's mouth? At first you're not sure if you heard them right, and then you hear it again - and again! You smile from ear to ear, maybe even swooping your baby up in glee! Best feeling ever whether its Mama or Dada.
Now what happens if you baby says everything BUT Mama! Ughh....its very frustrating!

I love Adriana - love her talking, but really wish she would say Mama now lol She seriously says anything else but that. Dada was her first real word and I was the only one who heard it. I video taped it for my boyfriend to believe me - then posted it for the world to see! That was several months ago and still no Mama. Most babies don't say nearly as many words as she says at 8months, however, they do say both Dada and Mama by this time.

Is this a sign? Lord I hope not! I think Mama should be the next word. I mean...9months of being pregnant, 24.5hrs of labour, LABOUR!, all these months taking care of you, playing with you, feeding and bathing you - all I ask is she say Mama. Too much? I don't think so!
In alphabetical order, she says:


Not bad for Eight Months old eh. She's pretty darn smart. She will look at my boyfriend and say Dada. Papa is an attempt at Uncle Pat (my sister's husband) and of course everyone wants her to say their name next. C'mon people....what about me?
I have tried whispering it in her ear, tapping my chest while saying it - to make the association, asking her to say it, yelling it - which she yells back "Dada". It's battle and I'm clearly losing right now. Adriana 1 - Mommy 0. Ugh!

What new words is your baby saying?
What was their first word?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Weekend - TGIF

Adriana says HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE...or else! She so gangsta......lol

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy 8 months Adriana!!

These eight months have gone by fairly quickly but I have definitely enjoyed every single minute!! Watching Adriana learn and grow has been the most rewarding thing ever.....and its only the beginning! Shes so smart, funny, goofy, charming, beautiful, independent....so amazing and I really could not ask for anything more. Mommy and Daddy love you to bits baby girl!!

 Such a pleasure to feed sometimes....she eats whatever I put in her mouth!
 Squishy face!!
 Adriana with Gran - look at those CHEEKS!!
How could you NOT love her?! Those blue eyes get me every time

Monday, September 3, 2012

How to Renovate a Dresser for Girls Room

Another idea for "dressing" up your kids room - Revamp an old dresser. Even though, my employment background is mostly from working at Rona, construction sites, DIY projects, and my boyfriend works in construction.....this was really simple to do!

What you'll need:
1. 2 size paint brushes - one to get in those tight spots like around the legs of the dresser or in any wood detail there might be. The other will be able to cover larger surfaces with less strokes. Plus if you have a helper, you can both paint at the same time!
2. Sanding block - these will help smooth out any surfaces that will not be easy to get with the hand sander. I used the Angeled ones to get in the creases easily.
3. Hand Sander - this is handy if you have to sand off any stain or if there are several coats of paint on the dresser. You want the dresser to be  as close to the natural wood as possible so the paint adheres better.
4. Rags - After sanding you will need to wipe down the drawers and dresser so its a clean surface ready to prime and paint.
5. Mask - to shield your mouth and nose from the sander dusk and even paint fumes; unless you buy paint with low VOC.
6. Sheets or newspaper - This gives a great and well protected surface for painting. Especially if you end up dripping or tipping the can of paint over......
7. Primer - You should look for a good quality primer. This will prepare for a smooth and easy first coat of paint. It is necessary to prime unfinished wood or else the paint will just peel off and you've wasted your time and money!
8. Paint - Take your time and choose a colour that you can live with for awhile. Cream colours, neutrals, or lighter colours tend to work better than bold or rich colours. I choose Purpling from the CIL colours - basically a lavender! There is also specific paint for wood so be sure to ask the paint desk for help.

 Drawers after a good sanding and of course handles removed
 My sister hand sanding the dresser
 Adriana supervising us - hope she learns a thing or two!!
 Still hand sanding away.....longest part!
 Primed and first coat of paint applied :)
 Drawers getting their second coat of paint
 Fantastic knobs I found at Rona ($2.99/ec) - Love it!!

Do you have a DIY project idea for your kids room? Share your story below or email me. I`d love to hear all your ideas and maybe even post them!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Adriana Has the Giggles - Silly Girl


Adriana is a serious character. She's almost 8months old and has an amazing personality!! This video shows what I get to play with every day. She makes me laugh more than anyone I know. I love her!!

How does your baby make you laugh?
Do they have certain thing they do?
Share your stories in the comments below or email it to me!